Action Taken: A Team of Experts Concludes That Cricket Scotland is Institutionally Racist

One of the topmost world cricket latest news is that Cricket Scotland has been suspended from sport until at least October 2023 as a direct result of an investigation into institutional racism within cricket. As a direct result of this suspension, the sport may lose a total of £460,00 a year in public funding. The investigation into institutional racism within cricket was a direct result of an investigation into institutional racism within cricket.

In contrast to Cricket Scotland, which failed 29 of the 31 criteria that were used to measure the severity of the problem and barely met the threshold for the other two criteria, the investigation that was carried out by Plan4Sport and given the title Changing the Boundaries discovered 448 instances of institutional racism. The investigation was given the title Changing the Boundaries.

Cricket Scotland’s board of directors tendered their resignations as a group on Sunday, pending the outcome of an investigation into complaints made by former players Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh about their treatment by the organization’s board. The allegations in question concern how the players were treated by the board. The complaints were lodged against the manner in which the board dealt with the players while they were still affiliated with the organization. In addition to the resignation, an apology was issued to individuals who had been wounded by institutional racism, and it was acknowledged that the severity of the problem was beyond the reach of the administration that is now in place within the sport.

According to Plan4Sport, during the course of its investigation of the cricket community in Scotland, they conducted around a thousand interviews with various members of the community. These interviews covered all there is to know about the sport. This led to the identification of 68 specific issues that need further investigation, including 31 allegations of racism directed against 15 distinct individuals, two clubs, and a regional organization. This resulted in the identification of 68 particular problems that needed further investigation to be done.

At least one of these occurrences has been reported to the police in Scotland as acts of hate, and as a consequence, the victim has been required to appear in court in connection with the incident.

Allegations of racist abuse, improper language, favouritism toward white students attending public schools, and a lack of openness in the selection of non-white participants are included in the case.

Sixty-two percent of those who took part in the research reported having been on the receiving end of racist or discriminatory behavior.

People who voiced concerns about racist occurrences were often “sidelined or disregarded,” the findings of a research study that investigated the lack of racial diversity in Scottish cricket found. The study was conducted to investigate the lack of diversity among players of different races in the sport. Haq was unable to add to his national record of 54 one-day international appearances since he was not permitted to play in the 2015 World Cup. As a consequence of this, Haq holds the record for the most one-day international appearances.

Gordon Arthur expressed, “heartfelt apologies” have been extended by the governing body of Rugby to “any persons who have been victims of prejudice and discrimination in Scottish cricket,” as stated by the interim CEO of Cricket Scotland. Gordon Arthur is the one who made these claims.

Gordon Arthur continued that, this kind of racism and discrimination in the sport that we all love should never have been allowed to exist, and it should never have been allowed to continue unchecked for as long as it has. Arthur remarked, “We are aware of the effect that this has had on the affected persons and the relatives of those individuals. We want to express our apologies that it has taken this long for this to come to fruition so that we can reassure them that their thoughts and ideas have been taken into account.”

The most important obligation with regard to cricket in Scotland at this point is to take into account the suggestions made in the report. It is very clear that the culture has to undergo significant changes, and those shifts need to take place without delay. It is vital to devise and put into action a mechanism for providing impartial referrals in order to begin investigations into possible referrals.

Tideswell, the executive director of Plan4Sport, praised the bravery of those who had come forward with their stories and criticized Cricket Scotland for failing to recognize the concerns and “enabling a culture of racially-aggravated microaggressions to flourish.” Cricket Scotland was criticized for failing to recognize the concerns and “enabling a culture of racially-aggravated microaggressions to flourish.”

In addition, even while the management and leadership practices of the organization have been racist on an institutional level, this cannot be said about Scottish cricket. There are organizations and people in every state that are committed to serving the local community and addressing the challenges that they face.

According to the BBC, the Chief Executive Officer of Sport Scotland, Stewart Harris, referred to the results as “very alarming and in some instances horrific.” He also said that the findings should act as a “wake-up call for every one of Scottish sport.”

Harris said that it is not sufficient for Scottish sport to just be non-racist; rather, it is now necessary for Scottish sport to be actively anti-racist. In order to ensure that Cricket Scotland is held responsible for all of the suggestions made in this report, we will continue to pursue all available options.

According to the findings of the study, future board recruitment should include no more than a 60-40 gender ratio among board members and should include at least 25 percent of persons from ethnic groups that are underrepresented.

One of Scotland’s five regional cricket organizations, the Western District Cricket Union, will be subjected to special measures and prohibited from overseeing disciplinary proceedings in competitions that are organized and run by Cricket Scotland. This measure comes as a result of Cricket Scotland’s decision to place the Western District Cricket Union under special measures.
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