13 Best Office Chairs in Singapore for Incredible Comfort

How long do you sit at your office desk working? If you sit for long hours, you should sit on a comfortable chair to improve productivity and avoid health problems. Sitting for long hours is the norm. But to ensure you remain focused, you will need an ergonomic chair. 

There are APOL Singapore ergonomic chairs of all kinds, and to find the right one, you may have to do some research and evaluate your budget. An uncomfortable office chair may hinder your concentration, and there is a chance that you may suffer from back pain. 

Here are the 13 best office chairs in Singapore that you will find comfortable. 

1. ErgoTune Supreme

The 2020 model was designed to offer comfort for your whole body. The ErgoTune Supreme has numerous features which will let the chair keep your body posture in the correct position and make sure you’re comfortable all day. You can learn more about the benefits when you purchase one. 

2. Kraken

The Kraken is popular among gamers and remote workers working from home. It has been made to offer comfort from the CloudTech® Foam. Despite it being a product from APOL Singapore, this chair will make you feel great as you play your favorite games or work. 

3. Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair with Leaf Arms Fully Loaded

The Herman Miller has the auto-harmonic tilt. This will cause the chair to change positions and adapt to your body when sitting. Also, it will have a flexible frame and breathing material. You will feel the chair is light. This office chair will offer support to your spine so that you can feel comfortable while you work the whole day. 

4. UMD Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Chair Computer Chair New Version X16

The UMD ergonomic chair has a unique design that will support the neck and spine while playing video games or work. It is heavy-duty and can handle as much weight. The height and headrest can be adjusted to how you want it. You could also use the rocking feature to get comfortable. If you wish to have the chair in your favorite colors, you can confirm with the manufacturer. 

5. IUIGA Clayton Mesh Office Chair

The IUIGA Clayton is made of sponge and mesh fabric designed to offer comfort while you sit for long hours working. The mesh will be on the backrest and allow air circulation to ensure that you’re fresh and dry during hot temperatures in Singapore. The IUIGA is created to be small and to fit into urban offices and homes properly. Other office chairs will be expensive, but the IUIGA is affordable and, most importantly, excellent for working. 

6. MySeat.sg Serene Office Chair

This office chair will offer comfort as you work, and you will not be disappointed. It features a sizable backrest and offers removable head support and lumbar support designed to make you focus throughout the day. Also, the chair has wheels that let you move without making squeak sounds. 

7. Vitra AM Chair

Vitra AM chair is well-known to be convenient, offer comfort, and can be customized. With customization, you could adjust the chair’s seat, height, and backrest to accommodate your body. Also, it can handle as much weight all the time you sit. Please find out more about it by looking at what others said in online reviews. 

8. NeueChair™

After Secretlab Singapore was chosen to distribute the NeueChair™ officially, then be prepared to expect a high-quality chair. It is an ergonomic chair, and most people can agree that it is comfortable and easy to use. Also, the sporty design can fit in the office or at home. The best thing about this chair is that it’s not made to handle your weight but also to maintain the body posture and keep it balanced, letting you concentrate on what you’re doing. 

9. Sades Pegasus (White) Professional High-Quality Leather Gaming Chair

The Sades Pegasus office chair will have an ergonomic look appropriate for people who play many video games and spend time working long hours. It consists of soft leather, a high backrest, a comfort seat, lumbar pillow, 4D armrest, and a headrest that can be adjusted to be comfortable. The chair can be assembled with ease, and there are various ways to change and customize it to how you want it. 

10. Secretlab OMEGA

Secretlab OMEGA provides a fantastic sitting experience. You can expect to be comfortable throughout the day and not since the backseat can be adjusted but because of the memory foam pillows designed to offer comfort. Most people who have the Secretlab OMEGA will say they love the chair because of the memory foam. 

11. Ergohuman Enjoy Classic Smart Design Chair/Office Chair

It is classic and has a unique and stylish design that will blend in with your home or office. The office chair allows you to change it quickly because of the synchro mechanism feature. The Ergohuman Enjoy Classic Smart Design will also provide lumbar support that can be altered to avoid back pains while you play games or work. 

12. Homez Mesh Office Chair with Ergonomic Design & Chrome Leg – Black-HMZ-OC-MB-2879

The Home is light, with a thick cushion, mesh and you will get to sink into it when you sit. Apart from being a swivel chair, it appears stylish and has noise reduction castor wheels. With this ergonomic chair, you could move around without hearing the squeaky noise that can be heard with other office chairs. 

13. Vhive Office Chair

The Vive is loved because of the convenience. This chair consists of a height adjustment feature and a tilt lock. It will be easy to use, and you can adjust it anytime you feel to do it. The seat has polyurethane material that offers comfort while you work or rest.

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