5 Rules for Preparing for an Online Speech

Beginning coaches and speakers spend a lot of time preparing content before a presentation and often forget that the external image and presentation of information can enhance or ruin an impression. This is best known to people who maintain accounts (personal or business) in social networks.

Those who broadcast live know that because of a bad picture, viewers can stop watching even their favorite content makers and they will have to buy Instagram followers. Today we will tell you about the main nuances of preparing for the online format.

1. Position Yourself in Front of a Light Source

You can often see speeches in an online format, when the speakers position the camera against the main light source in the room, for example, sitting with their backs in the window. In this case, the audience can only see the outlines of the speaker, the picture is blurry, annoying and audience loyalty is lost.

The same thing happens with bloggers while shooting a video or holding a live stream. Such authors do not understand why they constantly have to buy followers on Instagram, but this is obvious. You need to understand that it is unpleasant for people to see a dark picture.

Think over your work in such a way that the light falls exactly on you, evenly illuminating the picture.

2. Pay Attention to the Background

Small details, bright colorful interior elements, patterned wallpaper, doorways, or children with pets distract your viewer and do not always give the impression of you as a professional.

Choose a neutral background, use a banner that can be ordered from a print shop. Use the background blur effect in the program, for example, in ZOOM there is an option “blurred background”.

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3. Turn Off Messengers

If during the performance there is a need to share your desktop, make sure that the audience does not see pop-up windows of instant messengers. The content of the messages can be very personal, spare the viewers from this.

Turn off notifications or close messengers during the broadcast. It is also recommended to turn off the sound of notifications.

Think about the cleanliness of your computer desktop. Strip it down and enjoy listening to your content rather than your personal life.

4. Prepare Your Presentation

Visual information is remembered much better than what we hear. Therefore, the performance will definitely become more informative and useful for the listener if you use the presentation. This also applies to live broadcasting on Instagram, you can use graphics, photos, and pre-prepared files.

The topic of presentation quality is quite extensive and deserves a separate article. We can only give you basic advice. Open the presentation in full screen. Materials opened in preview format look unprofitable. Open tabs attract unnecessary attention if the presentation is shown in a browser.

5. Sit in Front of the Camera

An important note is that you should sit exactly in front of the camera. In the center of the screen. To maintain eye contact with the audience, it is important that the expert is on the same level as them. It happens that speakers position the camera so that the audience sees only part of their face, which significantly spoils the impression.

Also pay attention to where your eyes are directed, especially when broadcasting via phone. Often, speakers look at their own image, and not at the camera, and then there is no contact with the audience. A small camera is your best friend for eye contact, so look into it.

We hope these five simple rules above will help you improve your presentation and keep your audience’s attention.

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