Five Evergreen Party Starters That Will Make You the Best Host

Who doesn’t like parties? We all love to go and party with friends and loved ones. Parties have become an integral part of our lives and are the best way to socialize. It is the best way to celebrate your success, milestones, birthdays, festivities, get-togethers, weddings, anniversaries and the list goes on and on. Even if there is no specific occasion you can celebrate your life by attending parties or even hosting one.

Attending parties could be fun but hosting a party is not so easy. After all, a party especially a themed one is all about spending time with your loved ones, chatting with one another, and a lot of food and beverages. A host needs to be aware of the taste buds of the guests. You need to ensure that when your guests bump into food, you find them licking their fingers. As the saying goes, the first impression is always the best, we can apply this to the menu that we prepare for the party. 

Starters as the name suggests, are served first and so you can satisfy the cravings of your guests by including the best starters that will allure them and create a lasting impression. 

Here is a list of starters to enrich your party – 


Can you imagine a party without a pizza? Pizza has always been the heart of the party be it a formal gathering or an informal one. There are various types of pizza available in Domino’s which makes your search and work a lot easier. Starting from the Margherita pizza filled with gooey cheese to tempt anyone to have more, to the various range of non-veg and veg pizza, Domino’s has the potential to fulfill every need. It even allows you to customize your pizza as per your taste buds, be it the size of the crust or the amount of cheese, or even your preference of toppings, Domino’s has it all. 


You must be thinking about how bread can be a good starter? Confused? Yes, you can have bread as a starter that will appeal to your guests and will leave them lip-smacking. The aroma of garlic bread will draw them all to itself, tempting them to take a bite for sure by dipping in the cheesy and creamy dip, the taste of which no one can resist. There are various types of garlic bread in Domino’s and you can choose from either vegetarian or non-vegetarian based on your preferences. You can choose to drool at the sight of classic cheesy garlic bread or enjoy the tangy and spicy garlic bread stuffed with sweet corn, mozzarella cheese, and jalapenos.

Chicken Parcel

Want something crispy as well as soft. Nothing can compare to the delicious chicken parcel that is filled with juicy chicken oozing with garlic butter or cream cheese on the inside and crisp puff parcels that adds crunch to every bite that you take. Those who are not a great fan of chicken can get the parcel baked with fresh vegetables and sundried tomatoes along with some cheese.

Paneer Tikka

Any party is incomplete without the paneer tikka due to its delectable flavor. It is also easy to prepare and gets ready within minutes. The smoky flavor from the tandoor doubles the taste and adds to the authentic Indian spices when grilled. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian the soft paneer cubes will find their place in your mouth and heart.


Want to try something unique? Then try out Tacos. Tacos are generally a Mexican dish with some Indian twist to them. These are generally made with Indian Lacha parathas which are slathered with the harissa sauce, and arancini patty and then sprinkled with some Mexican seasoning. Then it is either pan-fried or baked. This awesome starter is crispy from the outside and creamy from the inside which will make one fall in love with it. You can also check out another variation that is available in domino’s which is a taco and cheeseburger pizza which is a fusion of amazing flavors that will smash hit your party.

Add these starters to any party that you are hosting and grab some praises and get a tag of the best host among your friends and family. Nothing can give you the joy and satisfaction to see your loved ones enjoy all the mouth-watering delicacies and are fully content. Download the Domino’s App or place your order from the website and avail of great discounts as well.

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