How to Spy on Wife’s Cell Phone without Touching

Are you in need to clear your head from various doubts? That is where your wife is spending her extra time, to whom she’s texting, where she is hanging out. Or simply what she’s doing on her social media accounts?

The solution to all of your problems is just a single tool using which all your doubts will be diminished, and you will see the crystal clear image of your answers as you will be eligible to spy on your wife’s iPhone without her knowing about it.

 Just stay with us till the end of this article without skipping any part, and we are sure you will understand by yourself what it is about. 


It is the tool that will lead you to all your answers. Safespy is a spying tool that ensures that the user spies on the target device without fear of getting caught. It is precisely the device that you need for your spying errands.

It is reliable. Millions to billions of people worldwide are using it, and almost all of them are satisfied by its prestigious services. It has the features which probably no other application is providing in such economical packages.

Safespy comes up with a variety of packages to cover up the needs of everyone. All the packages are easy on the pocket for everyone. Anyone can avail of the services by just spending a tiny amount which won’t cause a burden on his pocket. Do give a visit to its official page if you are willing to know a lot more.

iPhone users

Though this service works for both the OS, the iPhone users have a little flex over the android ones that the iPhone users do not have to install any application on their device. 

Perhaps all they have to do is to provide the iCloud details of the target device. Once the details are provided, it takes a little time to fetch all the data of that device. You can view the target device’s activities in any of the browsers you feel easy to use. 

Eventually, no specific browser is required for it. Further, the data is updated every 24 hours for the convenience of the users. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that a stable internet connection is required to avail of these services. As it is a web-based service so cannot proceed without the internet.

High Data Security

Safespy makes sure that all the information of its users is saved; they are making this happen by the next-gen encryption protocols. The system does not protect all the information the user enters when creating an account or buying a subscription package. 

Even the searches are not being tracked. This is all because the customer’s privacy is their policy, and they make sure to keep that. They have high user retention, and about 9/10 users renew their packages.


Safespy has gained its fame in a short period. Media authority platforms globally have positively reviewed it. Also, it has been mentioned on significant communication platforms such as iGeekBlogs, LifeWire, The New York Times, etc.

Social Media Track Down

Safespy lets its users track down the social media accounts of the target device. It makes sure that the user is aware of all the activities of the target device. The target device is doing on his social media accounts what sort of data he is receiving, sharing, and sending all can be done.

There is not a single social media application that can’t be tracked down. Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, Tinder, Viber all can be easily tracked. Eventually, Safespy makes sure to keep records of the deleted media and chats. So, the user can see that as well. 

Sim Card Tracking

In such a case that the internet of the target device is off or is not working correctly. Even then, the user can track the target device. But in this case, the user can track the target device with the help of a sim card tracker. 

The user can get to know the approximate location of the device to be spied on by this tracker. The user will also receive automatic alerts when the sim card is inserted into a new device. Only a one-time setup is required for lifetime monitoring.

Search Histories

Now the users can also track down the browser histories of the target device. The user can look for the websites they have bookmarked or put into their favorite list or visit often. Users can eventually block access to the websites, which might bring them harm. 

This can also let the user know about the inappropriate content they are visiting. In short, they might be thinking no one can learn about anything, but the user can get to know about everything.


Many applications require the users to pursue Jailbreak, a software hack, which is not easy and reliable for everyone to perform. As it is technical work to do, and not everyone is capable of doing it.

Safespy allows its users to track down all the activities of the device to be spied without jailbreak or any other type of hacking. It makes sure that no complex command is given to the user.

How to spy Via Safespy

Spying via Safespy is a straightforward task. Anyone with basic knowledge can do it quickly. Just follow the set of instructions, and you are ready to start your spying work.


First, you need to create an account on the official website of Safespy for free. Do remember the password to avoid any inconvenience in the future.


Follow all the instructions that pop up on your screen, and when it is time to choose the OS, choose iPhone.


You are done with all the formalities. Heed towards the dashboard and start your spying work.

Customer Service

Safespy has the best customer service. They are available 24/7 to help their users. This means if you encounter a problem despite the time, you can contact them, and they will be available to help you. 

Moreover, this application provides its services in poly languages so you can choose your language and get set for your spying work.


Safespy is the best tracker when it comes to reliability and the situation when you have to go for the most convenient and trustworthy tool for your work. It will never betray you and makes sure to keep the privacy of its customers always on the top. 

It eventually has all the features one could need to perform spying. Heed back to us with your experience after using it and share your feedback with us.

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