Avery 8160 Template for Google Docs: The Way to Use

Almost any person today uses Google Docs for work or leisure. Google Docs and Google Sheets offer a lot of tools for us to create documents. They have a lot of modern features for making labels and formatting them with staples. To apply these features effectively, you should use label templates. This makes the creation of your labels easy and fast. One option that will help you download the Avery 8160 template is Google Docs. How can you download the Avery 8160 label template from Google Docs for free?

Download the Foxy Labels App

You can do this on the official website of the add-on. Then, you should install it on your computer. The app offers more than 1000 templates for your doc. For example, you can use the Avery template 8160 for Google Docs from the app. It allows you to create and print successful labels for your business or mailing. Then, you will be able to format your label using the available fonts and styles and include images.

Open a Blank Document Form

You should open a blank Google doc and go to “Add-ons.” Then, you need to choose the button “Foxy Labels” and create a new one using the Avery 8160 template.

Select the Template You Will Use

You should select the preferred Avery 8160 template for Google Docs. The selected labels will be presented in your document. You can also return to your first label and copy it to the other cells.

What are Labels Necessary For?

Labels are widely used to point out datasets and table cells. You can note certain information using them, not to forget its place. You can also use them to arrange data depending on your needs. Labels are similar to stickers that you attach to each piece of information you have. They also help you arrange and filter data. For example, you can attach a label as a link or a mail description.

In Google Sheets, for example, you can use labels to mark data. You can state the sum of the data or its result on the labels. There is a wide range of formats for labels to place the data in a cell or chart. To use labels easier, it is better to get ready templates. They will save you a lot of time because you don’t need to invent the whole formatting style. They already fit the accepted standards and look great in mailing.Labels in Google Docs are considered metadata, a short description of the data. Such descriptions allow you to navigate your data quickly. They define what the main information will be about. Labels are also used in Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. In general, you can use labels in the workplace, in business, or in education. You can use the Avery 8160 template Google Docs if you are looking for great templates.

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