Tricks to Win at Roulette, Do They Exist?

On many occasions we have heard about groups of people, such as the family of “Los Pelayo”, who took over a new online casino in half of Europe using a mathematical method based on the failure when designing roulette wheels, that is to say, taking advantage of human failures. This is something that is repeated in almost any type of vulnerability that we can find when it comes to exploiting a method that can bring us money in some way.

However, online roulettes are computer programs that have been developed taking into account the possibilities that exist for a user to exploit a flaw in the development of the game.

This makes finding a real vulnerability in online roulette extremely difficult, despite what we can find on a multitude of websites.

New Online Casinos and New Roulette Games

In the last few years, new roulette games have also emerged that almost all new online casinos offer within their catalog of available games. These are roulettes that, besides offering more excitement and a greater potential for prizes, decrease the chances of a player obtaining an advantage due to the detection of a failure. These roulettes, some of the best known being Quantum roulette or lightning roulette, integrate both a part of real physical games and a part of the virtual or digital video game.

This makes it necessary to take into account a double variable, which implies a greater complexity when it comes to calculating failures and probabilities since the value of this type of roulette lies in a specific type of bet: the full bet.

Martingale and Other Roulette Methods

Martingale is a very popular roulette method in Internet forums and, mathematically, it is true that it is infallible. However, to protect against it, casinos set a maximum betting amount on their tables. Therefore, the reality is that you will only be able to double your bet for about ten spins at most, a sample in which it is quite likely that you will not get the win you need to monetize the system.

In fact, the system is based on betting on one of the bets that pay 1:1, i.e. double the bet. With the martingale, we rely on the fact that in an infinite sample, our option has to end up falling, since the probability is practically 50%. By doubling the bet on each losing play, at the moment we win we obtain an initial unit, that is, the bet we initially made and which is the basis of our strategy. But since we have a margin of only ten spins, it is likely that in the ten spins we have, the option we have not chosen will come out. There are many variants of the martingale, but in all of them, we have the same problem: casinos apply clear rules to protect themselves from this type of method.

However, it is possible to obtain profits in the short term if we are lucky, so it is not bad to play from time to time for fun, but always with money that we do not need for anything else and, above all, with no view to winning, just looking for a fun time in online casinos.

Visit a Casino and Play Roulette with Your Friends

You can certainly contact your friends and ask them to play the same game as you at an online casino. You can talk and discuss games and bets, but it won’t give you the same feeling as when you visit a gambling establishment with your friends. You can watch them play, give them betting tips, cheer for them when they win, or applaud them when they lose.

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