How to Upload Your Music on Spotify

According to research conducted in 2018-2019, Spotify is the second most used music streaming service, with Apple Music closely defeating it for the first place. It is the fastest-growing streaming platform with an extensive catalogue of over 70 million songs and more podcasts than even Apple Music. 

With over 500 million subscribers all over the globe, Spotify has taken its throne as one of the best streaming platforms. Music lovers continue to sign up on this platform to not only listen to music of their favorite singers but also to discover new music. For an up-and-coming singer, it is a no-brainer to get your music to stream on this platform if you hope to reach the masses. 

Now, uploading music to Spotify may not be as simple as uploading it on Soundcloud. But Spotify definitely offers more perks in the number of people you can reach. After having put all the hard work into recording your song and perfecting it through editing, you would not want to cut corners when it comes to distributing it. Putting your track up on major platforms is the magic trick you have to use to get it to go viral. 

Moreover, with the advent of the premium tier available across many streaming services, people tend to stick to one preferred streaming service. So if you want your music to fall on thousands of ears, you ought to upload them on more than one platform. 

Let’s dive into how to get your music uploaded on Spotify. 

Spotify doesn’t offer the ‘upload’ option to common users, but as an independent artist, you can use the services of a music distributor to get your song online. Distributors are companies that are concerned with distributing media to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

Most distributors demand a fee from artists but if your song performs well when measured in the number of streams, you can earn royalties. So if your song is exceptionally good, the fee could pay itself.

If you are lacking in funds, there also exist free distributors but they may work on an invitation-only basis or may require you to fill out an application. Just make sure your music is of good quality, and you won’t have to worry about your application being rejected.

Another thing that may tip you in this direction is that most distributors will distribute your music across various streaming services and not just Spotify. Here are a few major distributors you can consider:


RouteNote will upload your track on Spotify and 19 other platforms for free with no hidden costs. But RouteNote only lets you keep 85% of what your track makes. So if you are okay with splitting your royalties, then this is the way to go. 

They also provide an option where you get to keep 100% of the royalties, but good things don’t come for free and you have to pay a fee. But what is impressive is that you can decide if you want to or do not want to pay their fee at any point. So if you see your track performing well, simply pay their fee and you get to keep all the profits to yourself. 


TuneCore has a vast array of packages that you can choose from for uploading your music and their prices are pretty affordable. They distribute your music to not just Spotify, but also iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, Simfy, etc. 

Moreover, you can keep all the profits after having paid the initial fee and you get to keep and own all the rights to your track. 


Just like the above two, LANDR will distribution your music to multiple streaming platforms. 

In addition to this, they have the option of a mastering service that you can use to prepare your music to be distributed. 

The way you get access here is through a monthly subscription fee. LANDR’s perk is that there is no limit to the number of tracks you can upload for the same fee for most packages. So if you have a lot of songs in your bag just waiting to be uploaded, LANDR is the way to go.

LANDR’s affordable rates and its mastering service that perfects your track before distribution make it an impressive option.


AWAL (Artist Without A Label) also distributes your music to more platforms than just Spotify. It gives you all the perks you would have had with a label without taking away the rights to your music. AWAL also aids your marketing by running campaigns to help you promote your music. They even provide the option of playlist promotion which is just the cherry on top. What’s more? They don’t charge a fee. 

But that does not come unattached to the downside of parting ways with 15% of your profits. 

Another negative to AWAL is that you need to apply and get accepted to avail of their services. Their A&R team would invest in you if they see you thriving as an artist so if anything else did not tip you in their favor, this knowledge just might. 

Picking the right distributor that is best suited to your music and the frequency of your uploads is key so that you do not end up spending hefty sums of money while still getting discovered and recognized on Spotify.

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