Updated Extra Torrents Proxy/ Mirror Sites List for 2020

Among all other torrent search engines, ExtraTorrent is the most dedicated one to let you find all the latest movies that have been released. It is one of the most popular search engines in the torrent ecosystem. Extra Torrent has made it easier for people to download all genre movies, songs, games, and much more.

Extra Torrent was mainstreamed in the year 2006 and gained high popularity among people who used to download movies and games online. The advanced search functionality of ExtraTorrent2 was its highlighting feature. It hosted a huge collection of torrent links as well as magnet links. 

However, in the year 2017, Torrent was deliberately shut down by its owners due to which the users felt disappointed and started looking for other similar sites. Although the users received good news in the form of Unblock123 ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites which helped them in downloading their favorite stuff absolutely free.

About Extra Torrents Proxy and Mirror Sites:

If you are also wondering what these sites are and the basis of their origin, then you are at the right place to know the answer. A complete imitation of the extratorrent.ag website is what we call as Unblock123 Extratorrents Proxy and Mirror sites. Unblock123 Extratorrents is one of the popular websites that lets you choose your favorite movies.

Various secret internet communities, the staff of original ExtraTorrent2 and a few web experts are working together to maintain these sites and provide alternative domains to the users on the single website of Extra Torrent. Extratorrent2 proxy is the best alternative you will find.

The ISP’s and government agencies are keeping a strict watch on all the torrent websites these days due to privacy issues. So, the users are left with the sole option for downloading free content which is Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites. 

Although we have hunt systematically through the internet to present you the best ET Proxy and Mirror sites. It is not an easy task to find out this stuff as the sites like, we are going to provide you are perfectly maintained and up to date. The storage capacity and authenticity level of these sites is incomparably huge. This great source of unlimited free content can be accessed anywhere with good working internet speed.

The Top 20 List of Proxy and Mirror Extratorrent Sites:

No.Proxy/Mirror Sites of ExtratorrentStatusSpeed
1.Extratorrent.agOnlineVery Fast
2.Extratorrents.chOnlineVery Fast
4.Extratorrents.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
6.Extratorrent.123unblock.pwOnlineVery Fast
7.Extratorrent.siOnlineVery Fast
8.Sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
9.Freeanimesonline.comOnlineVery Fast
10.Siteget.netOnlineVery Fast

How to Unblock123 Extra Torrent Websites through Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Your trouble for gathering the most useful information regarding Unblock123 Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites such as extratorrent.cc will end up here. The good news is that you are going to get reliable links to download your favorite content absolutely free. These sites are personally checked and working pretty well. 

So, get ready to explore the most amazing Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites.

Disclaimer: We, in any case, do not promote privacy and the information provided above is only for educational purposes.

Finally, you have gone through the list of the most unwavering Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror sites. Users find these sites easy to use as they have a user-friendly interface that was used by the original Extra Torrent website. These sites provide all original content related to movies, music, and games similar to that of the original Extra Torrent site.

Can Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites be banned by any Government Agency?

Are you getting curious to know if the ET Proxy and Mirror sites could be banned by the government? So, the answer to your curiosity is “No”. These sites solely act as a channel between the user and the servers of the ExtraTorrent which makes it just impossible to get outlawed by the government or any other authority. 

There is no use of bypassing the VPN if you have failed to access the extratorrent.ag website due to the blockage of a particular server. However, you can use one of the links of the Extra Torrent mirror sites to access the extratorrent.ag site.

If under any particular circumstances, the regional government issues notice to a precise server, you may still use the other server links which will work uniformly. However, not much of a difference is observed between the barring ping rate of the above-mentioned sites and the data transmission speed.

Can Extra Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites be accessed without a VPN?

Undoubtedly it is possible to access the ET sites without a VPN with our list of sites provided in the guide above. Through the process of cloning (creating a copy of the original), the sites fetch the homepage of the Extra Torrent website if you open any of the above-mentioned site links.

Even so, the Extra Torrent Proxy site links need to be updated on a regular basis so that it could always remain active. If the ET mirror site is active, then you will receive a message saying “Extratorrent unblocked”. If anyhow the link you chose is not working, then you need to move on to another link available.

In fact, using a VPN becomes a complicated task if the data speed is comparatively slow and gets interrupted frequently.

Point to Remember- Bookmark this list of the Extra Torrents Proxy and Mirror sites to access the links easily and make the downloading process hassle-free. We update this list from time to time so that the users never get disappointed. In case of a ban, this list will certainly help you to access the extratorrent.ag site using the proxy sites that will unblock the extratorrent2 website.

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