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We always keep looking for proficient writers who are capable of creating original and unique content after researching thoroughly on the topics. Our motive is to pass on knowledge and information to readers who are always in need of help regarding different aspects of life. We always welcome fresh and unique ideas from aspiring writers.

The blogs on our website are read by more than 20000 visitors every month from all across the globe; hence we want to ensure that our readers get benefitted from what we post on our website in every possible manner.

If you are wondering what topic do we accept, anything that falls under the category of Digital Marketing, Entertainment (Gaming, Movie, Music, Sports), Lifestyle (Health, Fashion, Home Decor, Travel), or Technology (Gadgets, Social Media, Internet) will be accepted. However, if you have any other unique idea for us, you can mail that to us.

Submission Criteria

  1. We only accept original and unique articles that you haven’t posted anywhere else. Make sure to check the article’s uniqueness before you send it to us.
  2. If you are including any data or stats in your writing, also add the link to its official or credible source.
  3. The length of the article can be anywhere between 800-1000 words.
  4. Don’t forget to add a meta description (summary of your article in 2-3 lines)
  5. We strictly do not allow brand or product promotions in our articles. Also, your article should not be entirely focused on driving SEO to your business.
  6. Don’t forget to add an original image for your content that will be used as the featured image (dimensions 895*537)

To get an idea, you can go through the blogs and articles already posted on our website so that you don’t send us the same topic that has already been posted on our website. You can also check the quality of the articles as we expect the same from you. 

Steps to Get Your Article Published

  1. The submitted article is sent to our team of writers who verify the originality, uniqueness, and quality of the article.
  2. The team of editors holds the complete rights to make alterations to your article if required.
  3. If the article sent by you gets approved, you will receive the confirmation within 2-3 business days.
  4. Once your article gets published here, you cannot post the same anywhere else.

To make your contributions, you can write to us at info.weblyen@gmail.com

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  • info.weblyen@gmail.com
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