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At Weblyen, we give complete priority to the privacy and security of the users. The information or details we collect is when you sign up for any of our services. Moreover, the details or data you mention on the forums is always accessible by other users. So make sure you do not enter any sensitive information on our website from your side.

When you visit our website, the information that is automatically collected is cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. Other information that gets automatically collected on visiting the site: IP address, characteristics of your operating system, information about your browser, and system settings. Cookies are used to store information about users and our Site use cookies together with other types of local storage. 

For automatic data collection, there are tags on the Site and in emails. Web beacons are files that may be used for counting the number of visitors, and it tells how users navigate through the Site. It also tells how many emails sent by us are opened and the number of articles or links viewed.

Use of the Information 

We use the information provided by you:

  • To protect against identity theft, fraud, and other illegal activities
  • To improve our business
  • To offer products and services
  • To answer the requests, queries, and comments 
  • To provide support services
  • To analyze data regarding the site
  • To check with the legal requirements of the company’s policies

Information Sharing

The reasons for which the user’s information is shared:

  • To prevent any loss or harm to the company;
  • If required by any law or for any legal proceedings;
  • For analyzing or to impart information to the advertisers;
  • For internal business matters

Safeguarding the Interests of Users

We completely safeguard users’ data from illegal, unauthorized destruction, loss, or alteration by applying required administrative, technical, and physical measures to safeguard your data from unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration or use. We do not guarantee the security of information that is shared online.

The website is not for use by children. We do not collect personal data of children who are below the age of 16. 

Retaining Data

The data will be retained for the pre-mentioned purposes and as soon as they are over, we remove it. The data can also be preserved for longer if required by the applicable laws we retain the data after complying with the Privacy Policy.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We update the privacy policy from time to time and post changes made in our privacy policies. 

Ethics Policy

The ones who write and publish content on our site are contributors who are paid as per the amount of content that they provide for the site. They follow the ethical standards as well as all legal requirements. The writers provide advice and information that they feel practical and applicable. These writers conduct research for their written material, and then it is made available on the site.

The use of the Site is governed by the Terms of Use and the disclaimer.

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Disclaimer:  The information provided on the website is only for informational purposes and is not intended to, constitute legal advice, instead of all information, content, and other available materials.

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