Best 5 Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

According to a study, over 70 million phones are lost yearly and only about 7% are found. Now, that’s huge! Smartphones have become an integral part of us that we can’t go a whole day without it.

It’s more than just a tool to call and send messages. It is a major tool of work and life for many.

So, what happens when you misplace your phone? How would you feel if you are cut off from the world since you can’t have access to your phone? It’s unbearable to consider!

Thankfully, there are tracking apps that can help you find your cell phone if you misplaced or lost it.

Part 1: Spyier

The number one tracking app for cell phones is the Spyier app. Spyier is an exceptional tracking app with a cutting edge technology design. It notifies you when the SIM card in your device is changed. With the app activated on your device, you can track a lost phone. 

The best part is you don’t have to root or jailbreak the device. Spyier is not only designed for tracking a lost phone.

If you want to track the location of your child, spouse, or employee, this app comes highly recommended. Thanks to its unique features, you can do more with the Spyier app.

Why Spyier is the Best Choice of App to Track a Cell Location for Free

Spyier comes with over 35 features that go beyond tracking stolen or lost phones. It allows you to track a phone’s location as well as the activities on the phone.

You get to do all these remotely without having physical access to the device. Some major reasons why this app is the best choice are highlighted below:

·       No Technical Knowledge Required

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the Spyier app. The app is easy to use and doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

If you’re tracking an iPhone location, you don’t need to install an app. You only need to provide the iCloud credentials of the target device to activate the app on the device.

Spyier is highly effective and convenient to use. The app has been rated highly by the tech community and the millions of users also attest to its efficacy.

  • Remote Location Tracking

With Spyier, you can track your target phone’s location remotely through a web browser. All you have to do is log in to your Spyier dashboard.

From the location menu, you can view the real-time location of the target device. You can also view the location history of the target device.

  • Safe and Secure

Spyier is safe to use and you don’t have to worry about compromising the data on your target device. The Android app doesn’t store data on its server, which makes it one of the safest tracking apps out there.

  • Huge Feature List

Beyond tracking a cell phone location, you can access numerous features on the target device.

Spyier allows you to track the call logs, text messages, web browser history, and social media accounts of the device. This means you have access to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others on the device.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location with Spyier App

Step One: Sign up for a free account at the official Spyier website and select a subscription package for your target device.

Step Two: For iPhone devices, you don’t need to install an app. Provide the iCloud username and password of the target device when prompted to activate the app. For Android, you have to install a 2MB app on the target device. It takes less than five minutes to complete the whole process.

Step Three: Click the ‘Start’ button when the installation process finishes and log in to your Spyier dashboard. You can start tracking the cell phone location remotely from any web browser on your device.

Now let’s look at other great cell phone tracking apps available in the market.

Part 2: Minspy

Minspy is a remarkable cell phone location tracking app with numerous features. When you misplace your phone, you can get the GPS coordinates on your Minspy dashboard. With this, you can know the precise location of your target device. 

Minspy allows you to remotely lock the device. You can also set up passcode protection on the device to prevent any unauthorized app alteration. Like Spyier, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the target device to be able to track its location for free.

You can also do more with Minspy. The app allows you to track other activities on the target device. You can view the activities on social media accounts, track call logs, text messages, and more. Minspy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices with OS4 and higher.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine is an ideal choice for parents looking to track the locations of their children. The user interface is basic and simple, which means you don’t need any extra skills to use it.

If you can use the internet, you’ll be able to use Spyine. You can monitor the location of your target device in real-time with the app.

Spyine sends you real-time alerts regarding the location of the target device. It also allows you to set up some safety features like geofencing. With this, you can get notifications when your target device crosses restricted areas.

The software works with both Android and iOS devices. Spyine comes with advanced technology that makes it possible to track a device without rooting or jailbreaking.

It also does more than track a phone’s location. It allows you to track installed apps, call logs, text messages, and more on the target device.

Part 4: Spyic

Spyic is another popular and highly effective tracking app. It accurately tracks a cell phone’s location and sends the data to your Spyic dashboard in real-time.

You can locate a lost or stolen device easily with the Spyic app. It works perfectly well with Android and iOS devices and it has amazing features.

You can set up geofencing, which allows you to set boundaries for the target device. You will get alerts when the device crosses the boundaries. With this, you know where your target device is and you can also access the recent location history of the device.

Spyic also gives access to social media accounts on the target device. This means that you can view Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and others on the device remotely.

Part 5: Neatspy

Neatspy is another excellent tracking app you can use to get the real-time location of a device. The app works with the built-in GPS tracking on the target device to transmit the data to your dashboard.

It features a cutting-edge technology that makes tracking a device possible without jailbreaking or rooting.

Neatspy works as a secret detective to give you the full details of the location of your target device. It allows you to see the accurate location and the location history with timestamps.

 This means you can know everywhere the target device has been when you were not checking.

The app does more than track a cell phone location. It also offers you access to other data on the target device. This includes call logs, social media accounts, and text messages, among others.

Neatspy gives you access to all installed apps on the target device. With this, you can track everything on it.


These are the five best tracking apps you can use to track a cell phone location for free. You can find more information about each of them on their official websites.

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