5 Surprising Signs You Have Low Iodine and Why It Matters

Iodine deficiency is a big deal. This vital nutrient aids many parts of the body, but especially the thyroid gland. It’s the thyroid that controls your body heat, gives you energy, and allows for mental and physical development. 

Without iodine, your thyroid can’t produce the hormones your body needs to function normally. So, how do you know if you have low iodine? Keep reading to learn some surprising symptoms and what you can do about it.

1. Swollen Neck

One of the earliest low iodine symptoms that appears is having a swollen neck. This is because the thyroid is in your neck, and it becomes inflamed when it doesn’t have enough iodine. 

When this happens, it can be hard to breathe or swallow. There are other things a swollen neck can mean, but it could be a sign of iodine deficiency, especially combined with other the other symptoms below. 

2. Hair Loss

Among many things that your thyroid does, it promotes the development of new hair follicles. So, if your thyroid isn’t working properly, new hair may not grow. So, a person slowly has less and less hair left. 

3. Lack Of Energy

Your thyroid, powered by iodine, helps give you energy. If it’s not functioning well, your energy levels go way down. You’ll likely feel sleepy, as well as not being able to do physical work. An overall feeling of lethargy is likely.

Weakness and lethargy have been found to be the top two symptoms of people with iodine deficiency. 

4. Unexplained Weight Gain

We all know that most weight gain is not unexpected. Either we’re not eating well or not exercising enough. But, if you normally do not gain weight, and suddenly you’re gaining weight without changing any of your routines, you might be low on iodine.

Weight gain is tied to metabolism, and it’s your thyroid that controls your metabolism. 

5. Learning and Memory Difficulty

Unfortunately, learning and memory problems may occur if you’ve had an iodine deficiency at any point in your life. This is because the thyroid releases hormones that encourage physical and mental development. 

So, if you don’t get enough iodine your brain will actually not develop fully. It’s crucial that you and your kids get enough iodine for this reason. 

Getting Enough Iodine

Iodine occurs naturally in some foods, but Americans weren’t getting enough and so it was added to many commercial table salts. This helped. But taking iodine supplements makes sure you have enough. 

This is especially important if you use natural salts like pink Himalayan salt or any salt that hasn’t had iodine added to it.

Don’t Ignore Low Iodine Symptoms

Having low iodine is a serious medical condition that you should not ignore. It can cause serious developmental problems, make you cold and tired, and even lose hair. The solution is so simple but important. 

By taking an iodine supplement, you can be sure you and your family have enough of this essential mineral. If you do notice any of the above symptoms, make sure to contact your family doctor.

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