7 Useful Macbook Pro Tips You Need to Know About

Apple’s App store facilitated more than $519 billion in sales in 2019. Out of this revenue, the company sold an average of 18.21 million Macs. This makes Apple the third largest distributor in the personal computer market to date.

MacBook Pro PCs are among Apple’s signature products with an A rating among global users. If you’re using a MacBook Pro, then you’ve probably tested the impressive range of features inherent in the PC. However, most MacBook Pro users rarely take full advantage of the full range of awesome features on their Mac.

With these MacBook Pro tips, you can now utilize a full-spectrum of spectacular functionalities on your Mac. Here are seven incredible MacBook tips that can transform your Mac’s user experience.

Achieve More With Multi-Touch Gestures

The technological landscape is moving swiftly towards a move –to-the-touch trackpad. You no longer have to struggle with a physical mouse clicker that keeps breaking down. If you have been looking for a PC that supports the multi-touch gesture functionality, then the MacBook Pro is your answer.

Compared to most other trackpads, the MacBook Pro is larger with a much better implementation functionality.

Using the trackpad, all you need is to hover your mouse pointer over any non-clickable object. Once you achieve this, bring your index finger and the thumb finger close together.

You can then expand or zoom in the screen, just as you would on a normal image on a smartphone. The next action would be to bring back everything to the original position by simply doing a punching gesture.

The MacBook Pro has the option of selecting the zoom in and out. With this device, you can also rotate the images using the smart zoom feature.

Utilize the MacOS Big Sur

Do you think the MacOS Catalina was a major hit? You haven’t tried out the macOS Big Sur yet. The Big Sur comes with a wide range of enhanced functionalities. You now have a bold new design on the control center.

The Big Sur also comes with space-efficient sidebar and added apps. If you like customization, then this new upgrade also comes with a wide range of unique widgets.

You only need to back up your Mac with the Get backup pro from Setapp, which is critical when prepping to install the Big Sur.

Then go to the https://developer.apple.com/ and click Discover > MacOS. You can click the profile on the new window and launch the installer in the new Download folder. Here’s a complete guide on how to download the macOS 11 Big Sur and all the important “Go back up pro” from Setapp.

Cycle Between Multiple Windows

Are you a research geek hoping to get the best out of your MacBook Pro? Well, cycling between app windows is among the MacBook Pro tips and tricks you can utilize. Using the Cmd + Tab keys, you can now easily switch between your current open window and other programs.

This makes your use of the Mac Pro fulfilling. You can also switch from one window to the next using the Cmd + ~ command. This option works for any application and makes using the Mac Pro fun and easy.

Let Siri Do the Working

There are more than 500 million Siri enabled devices in use to date. With virtual assistants becoming an integral part of the technological landscape, your use of the MacBook Pro just became more exciting. Siri is the virtual assistant that answers all your questions and performs tasks for you.

Siri is now applicable on Mac, marking a new experience for users. All you need is to tap the icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Once Siri is active, you can now explore the limitless possibilities of using a virtual assistant.

Turn Your Desktop Folders into Emoji

How about putting an end to those jaded folders on your PC. With the range of emoji icons on the Mac Pro, you can now turn each folder on your desktop into an emoji of your choice. Are you wondering how?

Here’s one of the MacBook Pro tips that can turn your desktop background into an exciting experience. First, create a folder on your desktop by clicking on the new folder command.

You can then do that random search online for the image you prefer. You may then either select between the heart and star emoji.

Once you select the emoji and then proceed to drag it on to the desktop, you can then double click the image so that it opens on the preview. You have the option of making the image transparent by clicking the markup icon.

Your next step should be to click the edit option and go back to the original folder. Proceed to click the Get Info command. You can then click the blue folder icon and press command + V. You should see the folder you chose appear as an emoji.

Repeat this with all the folders you wish to turn into emoji.

Capturing Screenshots

How would the world be without screenshots? While screenshots are akin to 21st-century gossip or proof of it, they also come in handy in a wide range of situations. However, most people don’t know how to use the screenshot feature on their MacBook pro.

Do you want to capture an entire screen? All you need is to press the command+ shift + 4, which captures the entire page, image, and email or word document. However, you can press the command + shift + 4 to obtain a portion of the screen.

You only need to hold until a crosshair appears. Then drag it until it covers the entire section you wish to highlight. Capturing screenshots with this MacBook tip is now easy as pie with the MacBook Pro.

Sign Documents With an E-signature

Most PDF documents can be frustrating if you lack the right tools to inscribe an e-signature. You no longer have to worry about having to download PDFs to sign them. With the MacBook Pro, all you need is to drag the PDF into a mail message.

It would be best if you hovered the PDF, and then clicked the button with a down arrow until you got to markup. Next click on the icon that looks like a signature. You can proceed to click on the trackpad to sign the document.

The best part is that you can save your signature to reuse in the future.

Use These MacBook Pro Tips For an Awesome Experience

The MacBook Pro keeps transforming with new and exciting features. With the latest introduction of the MacOS 11 Big Sur, users can now enjoy a wide range of awesome interfaces. With these MacBook Pro tips, your experience with Mac just got to a new level of fun.

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