A Call Center And Outsourcing Experience

Examining outsourced call centers can be a precarious and time-consuming process. I refined all my experience with call center vendors based in the United States and created this article for large and enterprise organizations willing to outsource.

Operating your own in-house call center requires a huge investment in both technology and staffing, however the control it offers can be invaluable. However, an outsourced call center can move the needle faster and offer its own set of benefits, particularly in times of uncertainty. For many organizations, the unavoidable issue is: What’s better for their organization’s customer service needs i.e. in international or US-based call centers?

Findings indicates that the most popular reasons organizations end up with a domestic provider for their inbound and outbound call center needs are as follows:

  1. Keeping your Brand Close:  You and your team have worked enthusiastically for several years to create and protect your brand. So it stands to reason that taking shortcuts with your call center outsourcing is a tough sell regardless of whether it’s cost effective. Keep in mind that not only is compliance with laws and regulations important for some companies, but upholding the connection they have built with their customers is invaluable. A common saying companies hear from their partners is the significant placement of interactions between contact center agents and customers remaining consistent throughout their staying with them.
  2. Fewer Customer Service Issues: You probably realize firsthand that call center outsourcing companies that have non-native English speakers are probably going to cause frustration and disgruntlement in your customers who will then see your brand negatively. This is obviously the case in any event, for digital channels as well, however it’s easiest for someone to drop the ball on call support. Note that several disruptive companies in the space make use of the gig economy for CX support. Work from home parents, retirees, college students, and military spouses and veterans make up a large lump of this workforce.
  3. Efficient and Streamlined Communication, 24 hours a day: Not more than a 3-hour time difference, your US-based customers can benefit considerably from the massive bandwidth available from domestic call centers during normal business hours. Most disruptors in this space offer plenty of bandwidth during the night hours via their staff working from home.  Dealing with low offshore bandwidth during a spike in tickets isn’t fun, much more terrible if your outsourced call center isn’t up 24 hours a day and your customers can’t get an answer inside 24 hours. There is no uncertainty that the improved responsiveness and agility that follow a U.S.- based call center will deliver improved customer satisfaction, improving your brand reputation in the process.

Minimize Language and Cultural Barriers: In the event that your customers and call center agents speak the same language, it can even improve the relationship between your customers. It’s frustrating and hassling to bobble through a telephone call with gaps and loose ends because of language barriers. However, a CX professional (armed with the correct apparatuses and decision making) can turn a bad consumer experience into a great one.

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