A Holistic Career in Humanities or Pharmacy!

The world is now emerging into a multi-functional society that has space and opening for students in all the streams to construct for themselves a very healthy and successful career. The colleges and universities in India now provided multiple courses for all the three streams equally. The major undergraduate course taken up after pursuing arts is the Bachelors of Arts, which enables students to go forward with subjects of their every choice. The education system in India has for long been in a 10+2 format, where in the first ten years, the students study all the subjects which are science or arts-based. This is mainly done because of the idea that all students need to have at least some basic idea about all the main subjects. 

After the ten years of basic education is completed, the students move forward to choose any one stream among the three streams of Science, Humanities or Commerce. As the name of the streams suggests, the streams consist of subjects that are totally different from the subjects of another stream. The decade long idea of parents and students regarding these streams has been that the best students who have good academic records should go for the science stream because it is the best stream which can be opted and which gives the best employment. This idea has not yet diminished, people still believe that students studying the Science stream are the only ones capable of success or great jobs. But, the 21st century has also opened up a plethora of opportunities for students who want to pursue the fields of arts and commerce. Here, I will mainly talk about the options any student can take up after the completion of their higher secondary board examinations (12th standard examination) in the Arts stream. Once the board level examinations are completed, the students can go for a Bachelor of Arts, which is a degree given in various arts subjects such as English literature, psychology, journalism, political science, geography, and various others. It is a bachelor’s degree that is awarded to the students for an undergraduate program in the arts subjects. The degree is generally completed in three years in India and then the students are free to take up jobs or go forward with their higher education and masters programs. With a background in arts, any students can get access to various career options which have proven to give good employment and a successful career to plenty. These students can pursue career options such as teaching, nursing, content writing, content creating, designing, law, singing, psychologists, medical health professionals, and many more. 

When it comes to pharmacy studies, it is not lesser than any other science or chemical studies. The reason beyond the vast scope is that the pharmacy stream or the B Pharmacy course provides a wide range of subject choices to study. The salary of people with such qualifications strongly depends upon the institutes associated with them and the commitment one extends. Many people with this qualification get into medicine manufacturing companies and multiple chemical factories. such people could earn more than thirty-five to forty thousand rupees per month. People getting into politics and government services can also earn up to at least fifty thousand rupees per month and many auxiliary privileges. After completing the bachelor’s course, People can also go into international drug inspectors, medical underwriters, or even open drugstore services. The B.Pharmacy is for the bachelor course for the lucrative pharmacy stream and this course is gaining more and more popularity. Students today are choosing more creative and challenging career choices and are really functioning well. This course is one of the most flexible courses in the manner that it can be a base for a plethora of jobs and students have a lot of choices to choose from after their graduation degree is completed.

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