Top 3 Colleges for BBA in India

The world of management is quite diverse and when it comes to the introduction to various facets of this dynamic realm, BBA is the course one must look towards. With a plethora of different courses available to choose from, BBA manages to attract a lot of minds. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that the course lays the perfect foundation for the more intense and popular MBA program. The course is like an early bird pass into the world of management and also helps students bag jobs in various management roles.

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Why is BBA So Popular?

The three-year program opens up a lot of different avenues for students to spread their wings into. Popular specializations like marketing, sales, operations, Finance, Digital Marketing, and Business analytics are widely popular and in demand for modern jobs. BBA colleges like CIEM and GD Goenka University offer extensive and wholesome course structures with a bonus of high-paid job placements.

BBA- Theory vs Practical

Modern education goes way beyond sitting in one corner and mugging up concepts, only to go out in the field and be clueless. A farmer must learn how to plough by doing so and not reading manuals about it. Management is similar- it involves a lot of factors and resources which are subject to specific conditions and problem-solving cannot be achieved through applying a formula. Colleges like CIEM have recognized this change and work towards achieving a better learning program.

List of BBA Specializations

Colleges like DU and CIEM offer students a variety of courses and specializations as management is not a one-way street.  A business is made up of a lot of different elements and verticals which work together to make an impact in a particular field. The various BBA specializations that one can choose from are:

  1. Marketing- Deals with brand management, content marketing, advertising, Public Relations, and product marketing.
  2. Human Resources (HR) – Deals with building people relations and managing the efficiency, output, and other requirements of the human resources of a company
  3. Operations- This BBA specialization is about managing the operations of a company in terms of everyday processes as well as the larger operational processes. The syllabus mostly consists of business statistics, materials management, financial accounting and management, logistics, and supply chain management. CIEM is one of the top colleges for BBA in operations
  4. Finance Deals with asset and liability management, financial risk management, investing, and trading related to a corporate organization.

Top Colleges to Study BBA From!

There are a lot of colleges that offer the degree program, but only a few of them manage to create a perfect balance between the different aspects. The various aspects on which a college can be graded are infrastructure, faculty, placements, fees, alumni, and course structure. In combination, these factors become important while judging which college would be better to study in. The top colleges for BBA are:

  1. CHRIST UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE – The Christ university was ranked as one of the top colleges for BBA by India Today magazine in 2020. The campus is equipped with major facilities and enables interactive learning through seminars by various professionals from the industry. The university believes in learning with experience and hands-on training of young students and leaves a mark on your career with its supreme legacy and quality education.
  2. CIEM – CIEM is regarded as one of the top BBA colleges in India and boasts a great placement record consistently every year. The campus is lush green and located in the prime center of Kolkata. Big MNCs like Bain, BCG, and McKinsey visit the campus to pull out the best talent from the lot.
  3. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, INDORE – IIM is one of the most prestigious and reputed colleges in the country. With a 100% placement record, the BBA program really boosts the careers of young management aspirants, and has one of the best faculty in the country- professional teachers coming from all over the globe to teach and nurture students with their extensive knowledge and experience.


If you are someone who is looking to jump into the world of business management and hoping to leave a mark with a good set of skills that can be used in the business environment, BBA is the perfect course for you! Just stay on the lookout for the best opportunities and hop onto the wagon towards professional success!

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