Bitcoin Decline But Solana And Cardano Are Continuing To Rise!

The market cap of the cryptocurrency industry was a mixed bag on the 22nd of November. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and Binance coin have decreased, whereas Solana and Cardano have inclined. 

We all are familiar with the fact that bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and the user base of bitcoin is much more than another cryptocurrency. Due to such facts, bitcoin has been influencing altcoins’ market value. However, Bitcoin does not seem to impact some cryptocurrencies like Solana and Cardano. As a result, the market cap of the cryptocurrency marketplace declined by almost 0.02%. 

Bitcoin was trading at a value of $56000 on the 23rd of November. However, it fell by almost 0.8% in just a single day. Crypto enthusiasts are witnessing a continuous fall of bitcoin since it touched the all-time high on the 10th of November, and in just a week, bitcoin declined by 6.14 per cent. 

According to market price, ethereum is currently the second leading cryptocurrency, and ethereum correspondingly fell by almost 0.4%. Ethereum is currently trading at a market value of $4,178. Like bitcoin, ethereum also fell by 3% in just a week. Binance Coin, the transaction currency of Binance bright chain and finance trustable exchange, also fell by 6% in just a single week; yes, you read it right. Let’s find out the price of other prominent cryptocurrencies. 


Bitcoin is witnessing a fall for an entire week. In a week, bitcoin fell by almost 6.14 percent. Every crypto enthusiast that bitcoin recently touched the market value of $69000. Alongside bitcoin, cryptocurrencies like ethereum, binance and Dogecoin are correspondingly inclined. After touching the all-time cryptocurrency market cap reached a value of almost $3 trillion. Despite a considerable fall, bitcoin traders are making massive money by trading bitcoin. 

The only reason behind this is that bitcoin influences the market value of other altcoins. Bitcoin and ethereum trading might sound like a hectic job to you. Undeniably, you cannot start your ethereum trading journey with your luck. Still, some websites like help millions of bitcoin traders in their trading journey. Ethereum blockchain is the heart of the decentralized community as decentralized models, including NFT games, use the ethereum intelligent chain. 

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Shibu Ina Coin 

Shibu Ina coin is an alternate coin also popular as an altcoin. Shibu Ina coin was listed in the list of biggest gainers last week. However, the Shibu Ina coin market valuation correspondingly declined by 0.36 per cent. The coin is currently trading at a value of $0.00004388.


Dogecoin started as a joke, and the currency of space x foundation also witnessed a fall in the last 24 hours. Dogecoin declined by 0.16 per cent, and the fact might amaze you that Dogecoin declined by almost 10 per cent in just a week. 

Cardano and Solana 

Cardano and Solana are the only cryptocurrencies that witnessed a surge in the last 24 hours. Cardano and Solana both are blockchain-based models, and both have their tokens named ADA and XRP. Cardano is inclined by 0.77% and is trading at a market value of $1.81. The token of Solana, XRP, is currently trading at a value of $1.05, and Solana is inclined by 1.43 per cent. Both Cardano and Solana crossed the market value of $2 when bitcoin reached $69000; despite a sudden slump, these currencies are growing. Cardano staking is playing an essential role in the growth of ADA tokens. Cardano based games are significantly arriving in the NFT games real soon.  

Biggest gainers 

According to the coin market cap, the biggest gainers of the 23rd of November are Shiba floki Trillionaire, Mars Space X and Economics. The gains of these tokens will leave you shocked as Shina Floki Trillionaire rose by 3700 per cent. 

The list of biggest gainers on coin market cap includes Solar Energy, Safe blast, Angry Squid, Holiday Token, Real, Cuban, Nine bots, Chain list, Bit Valve, Mars X, God Zillah, Valor Token, Iteration Syndicate, Fire Zard, Safe Game Cash, Ring X Platform, NF Monsters, Media Eye, ASYAGRO, Crypto Island, NFT Style, Ecosystem Coin Network, Multi Farm Capital, Lition, Ball Swap and few others.      

The latest cryptocurrency updates include the biggest gainers, including Cardano and Solana. However, except Solana and Cardano, almost every altcoin declined alongside bitcoin.

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