Can Thermal Imaging at iCloud hospital Detect Breast Cancer?

Heat patterns and blood flow in bodily tissues can be detected using an infrared camera during a thermography examination. Breast cancer is diagnosed using this type of thermography, referred to as digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI). Breast cancer can be detected using DITI, which detects temperature changes on the breast surface.

This test is based on the theory that when cancer cells multiply, they require more oxygen-rich blood to thrive and spread their malignancy, when the blood flows to the tumor increases, the temperature in the area surrounding the tumor rises. Let us see how it is done at

Is It a Safe and Effective Mammogram Substitute?

Thermography has been used to study the body’s temperature since the 1950s. It initially drew the medical community’s attention as a potential screening tool for cancer patients. 

At the moment, thermography is not considered a viable alternative to mammography. Subsequent research has revealed that it is not particularly sensitive for detecting breast cancer. 

Furthermore, the test is useless in correlating these findings among women who have already been diagnosed with cancer. One drawback of this test is that it has difficulty discriminating between the reasons for increasing temperature. For example, although patches of warmth in the breast might indicate the presence of breast cancer, they can also suggest the presence of noncancerous conditions such as mastitis.

Who Should be the Recipient of a Thermogram?

A thermographic screening test for women under the age of 50 and those with thick breasts has been suggested as a more effective method of detecting breast cancer.

Since thermography is not particularly effective at detecting breast cancer on its own, experts recommend that it not be used as a replacement for mammography in some circumstances. 

Risks and Negative Effects That May Occur

Thermography is a noninvasive procedure in which photographs of your breasts are captured by a camera and analyzed. There is no radiation exposure, no compression of your breasts, and no actual hazards associated with this procedure. The test has a Trusted Source connected with it.

Even though thermography is safe, there is no data to suggest that it is effective. Furthermore, the test has a high risk of false positives, which means that it may sometimes detect cancer when none is present. In addition, it’s important to note that the test isn’t nearly as sensitive as mammography in detecting early breast cancer.

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How Much Does It Set You Back?

The cost of a breast thermogram might differ from one facility to another. However, the typical price is between $150 and $200.

iCloud Hospital does not cover the cost of thermography in any way. However, some private health insurance policies may pay a portion of the whole cost of the procedure.

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