How Hard is CCIE Lab?

Progress in a professional career is the aim of every working individual. Achieving career goals is possible only if you are ready to upgrade yourself in terms of knowledge and experience. The CCIE lab exam is one of the many popular, valuable, and rewarding tests that can add a precious feather to your resume.

The qualification of the lab exam will help you establish your skillset and knowledge that will earn respect from your superiors, peers, and every other in the industry. However, this test is very challenging and complex. So, you may be doubtful about whether to invest time and money to take the exam at all.

If you are reading this, you must be planning to take the CCIE exam but unsure about the worth of the move. Here, you will get a correct assessment of how difficult it can be to pass this test and whether you should invest the time and money.

Is the Exam Challenging?

There are many convolutions regarding the difficulty level of the CCIE Lab Test, and there is no simple answer either to explain the challenges. If you want to know in one simple sentence, then the answer is straightforward. You can crack the exam only if you study hard. But if you are not studying enough, you will definitely find it hard to crack.

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  • Many people say that it is a tricky test as it is not only about mugging up the information. The process involves studying the topics and understanding the right applications of the knowledge.
  • You may say that it is a test of your patience level too. Many of the pursuers regard the CCIE Lab Exam as an elaborate test because you need to invest much time in the preparation. Usually, if you are ready to spend nine months to one year of committed studying, you may even stand the chance of clearing the exam on the first attempt.
  • The test will not only be for checking your memory. You need a deeper understanding of the study materials. It is a combination of knowledge and how you apply the same for solving real-life problems at work.

If you take a look at the site hereyou will realize that to achieve the certification, it is almost mandatory to follow the guidance from the site and maintain the focus on your studies for at least 8 hours a day. Remember one thing all the time- you don’t have to memorize everything- you have to perceive the concepts and absorb the technical knowledge for applications.

How to Prepare

Preparation is the only way to qualify for the certification. There are many methods to help you pass the CCIE lab test on the first attempt. Therefore, you should follow the right strategies for preparing yourself for the exam.

  1. Ensure that you are following the latest workbooks. The workbooks get updates every year, so you can’t use an older edition.
  2. Plan your schedule. Divide the time intelligently on what things you want to cover every day and how. It will aid in developing an effective studying habit.
  3. You should set yourself a deadline for the completion of the study. Hence, you should assign the preparation time accordingly.
  4. Take the dump tests to form the premium study websites. It will help you to get the practical feel of the exam and make you familiar with the tests.

You can also consider enrolling for the online training classes from reputed sites that will also help you in accessing the latest workbooks. This will be especially helpful if you want to clear the test on the first attempt.

Is it Worth Investing Time and Money?

You know by now the basics of the complete preparation process. But you will also like to know whether it will be a wise decision to invest the money and time for the preparation. In reality, this certification from Cisco will help you get global recognition. You can change jobs or look for better opportunities once you have the certification.

If you assess the price vs. benefits of taking the exam, none of the qualifiers ever reported regrets for taking the test. Although the initial investment will be higher, it will open up a wide array of high-paid job opportunities. Join the online training courses for the best results.

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