Where Is the Cheapest Place to Get Dental Work Done?

Are you considering looking for a cheaper alternative to get your dental work done? If your answer is yes, you might want to consider having your dental work done outside the US. Traveling abroad for dental work or dental tourism has become an increasingly popular way for most Americans to save thousands of dollars and have the perfect smile. While the services may be cheap, they are still quality services. Here’s a list of the most affordable places you can get dental work, just like Dentist North Lakes.

1. Thailand

First up the list of cheapest places to get dental procedures done is Thailand. According to IMTJ, dental patients from Denmark, the USA, the UK, Netherlands, and the UAE travel to Thailand because of its high quality and cheap services. For procedures like dental cleaning, crowns, and implants, you can save up to 50%.

Apart from cheap services, the country also boasts A-list dentists who can help you acquire the white and healthy teeth you desire. The best part is that once your teeth work is done, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the temples and palaces.


Mexico is one of the country’s Americans frequent to get their dental work done. The reason for this is the country’s proximity to America. However, make sure you go to clinics clustered in towns, as this is the surest way to keep off sub-standard clinics. Despite the reputation that substandard clinics built, things have greatly improved over the years.

Some improvements include reputable clinics and highly reputable dentists that have studied and practiced in the US. Once your procedure is done, you can relax on the most picturesque beaches, experience beautiful mountains, and enjoy the cool water.


This country is one of the most popular dental destinations for Brits and other European countries because of its affordability and quick access. But, if you are a North American visitor, you might have to visit Hungary when you want some extensive treatments done. The reason for this is that the price of the flights may cancel out the savings you’ll make.

You can visit the water parks of Gyor, majestic Budapest, and lakeside resorts as you recuperate from your orthodontics or wisdom tooth removal.

4. Turkey

Turkey is the gateway between the modern and the ancient, where the past meets the present. This aspect is what makes it a popular tourism destination. Aside from its cultural aspect, Turkey is also considered for its dental tourism aspect. The reason for this is that its rigorous training produces the best Turkish dentists.

The best part about having your teeth done in Turkey is that you get to experience the past after visiting a modern clinic for your procedure. Once your dental procedure is complete, you can see the amazing natural and historical heritage sites.

5. Costa Rica

Another popular location to get dental work done is Costa Rica. Despite being known for its natural beauty, visitors can get dental work done while still enjoying their vacation. Also, most of its dentists are American-trained, and they can speak fluent English because most of their clients are Canadians and Americans.

While accommodation may be a little pricey, the price balances out with the dental services you receive compared to other countries. The dental clinics are set up around the country’s splendid beaches and forests.

6. The Philippines

The Philippines has an exotic tropical destination that’s not only perfect for tourism; but also for cheap dental services. This country has top-notch international-grade dental services and dentists at the lowest price possible. The best part is that the quality is still the same as in the US, and the result is completely satisfying.

7. Dubai

When people hear the name Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. There is more about this country than that; you can also have quality world-class dentistry done at a lower price. The Emirates has created a place where people enjoy the beauty of the city and services like dentistry.

8. The Czech Republic

This is also a go-to country for cheap dental services. Thanks to the high dental treatment standards and the low prices, the Czech has slowly become an emerging dental tourism spot.

Going to the above countries means you get to spend less and have the job done quite fast. You also get to experience the tourism aspect of each country. So, if you ever find that your dental procedures are too expensive, you always have the option to look for more affordable services elsewhere.

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