De-stress This Weekend with a Relaxing Full Body Massage

After working all week, the last thing to do on the weekend is work. Your health could suffer if you don’t take time to relax. 87% of people in the US in 2022 said that the growing cost of basics like food, gas, and electricity is a source of stress.

Cantik Massage – Relaxing Massage Spa in Perth can alleviate the aching sensation with relaxing full-body massages. Get rid of that boring regular massage and try something much more exciting; a full-body massage. Read to learn how to de-stress this weekend with a relaxing full-body massage.

Relieves Stress and Tension in Your Body

A relaxing full-body massage will help ease tension and stress in your body and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

A massage can help you relax and unwind by easing the strain on your muscles. Muscles tense in response to stress and loosen up once the source of the tension has been removed. A full-body massage helps relieve stress and tension by improving circulation and reducing swelling and inflammation. It also decreases pain by increasing blood flow to injured areas.

Improves Blood Circulation

A full-body massage improves blood circulation and can help relieve pain and improve overall health. Pooling in toes, chilly hands and feet, and fatigue and achiness due to lactic acid buildup in the muscles are symptoms of poor circulation. Healthy blood flow carries oxygen-rich blood to sore, tense muscles, helping them heal.

The pressure generated during massage flows blood through clogged areas, resulting in improved circulation. When this pressure is reduced, fresh blood can enter the body. Lowering blood pressure and enhanced body function removes lactic acid and increases lymph fluid circulation, which releases muscle waste.

Helps with Healing Injuries or Strains

If you’re feeling sore from working out, spending too much time at the computer, or just from everyday life, a full body massage can help you feel better in no time.

When you get a full body massage, your masseuse will use their hands and arms to work out the knots in your muscles. It helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Massage promotes blood flow to wounded body areas by soft tissues and stimulating blood vessels. It also affects the body’s pain receptors, deceiving them into ignoring the more severe pain. Because of this, the body’s innate capacity to mend itself and restore damaged tissues is enhanced.

Full body massages are great for anyone who spends time on their feet or has trouble relaxing after a long day. They’re helpful for people who have injured themselves recently or are recovering from surgery. Full body massages also help speed recovery by improving circulation and reducing swelling around the injury site.

Increases Energy Levels

When stressed, your body releases cortisol, which can lead to fatigue and make you feel sluggish. But when you get a full-body massage, your muscles are relaxed, and the circulation in your body increases. That means more oxygen gets delivered to cells, which helps your body repair itself faster than it would otherwise. So if you’ve been feeling tired or stressy lately, consider booking a full body massage this weekend!

Improves Mood

Touch therapies like massage unwind and ease tension. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced, and the body’s overall state of relaxation is enhanced after just a few minutes of massage by activating the parasympathetic system, which controls the “rest and digest” response.

Inducing endorphins, or “feel good” hormones, through massage is a natural way to improve your mood. In addition, it increases the synthesis of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which protect against stress’s negative emotional impacts and contribute to an overall sense of well-being. 

Relieves Headache

Forty-five million Americans experience persistent migraines annually, according to statistics. Worse yet, Americans spend almost $1 billion yearly on headache treatment. A full-body massage relaxes muscles and eases tension in your body. Tense muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders can be relieved by trigger point massage.

Try a massage to relax this weekend and relieve stress. Massages are an affordable way to help improve your mood and relax your mind. The beauty of a massage is that you’ll become aware of tense areas you weren’t aware of before. After a massage, you’ll feel more relaxed and have a clearer and more focused mind. Full body massages have a relaxing effect on the entire body, they can help with general pain relief and stress relief, and they are also helpful in muscular recovery from an injury.

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