Do You Need an iPhone Repair Service? Ask Yourself These Questions

It’s the nightmare scenario no iPhone user wants to contemplate. 

There you are, engrossed in playing Candy Crush. Suddenly, you trip on that crack in the sidewalk that appeared out of nowhere, and your phone flies out of your hand and lands on the concrete with a loud crunch. 

You retrieve the phone, but the unthinkable has happened—the screen is laced with a spider web of cracks. You fall down onto your knees and hurl imprecations at the unfairness of a cruel universe. 

So, now what do you do? Use an iPhone repair service, or repair it yourself? Read on to find out. 

Should I Buy a New iPhone?

This is the first question you’ll ask yourself. 

After all, maybe scrapping the old phone and purchasing a newer one would be easier. Of course, the answer depends on your circumstances. 

For instance: how old is your damaged phone? If you’ve been lugging around an older model iPhone, and you’ve been longing to get your hands on a brand-new iPhone SE or iPhone 11, then this might be the excuse you’ve been looking for. 

On the other hand, new iPhones aren’t cheap. Even the older models aren’t exactly what you’d call modestly priced. So investing in a new one is a big deal. 

Even worse, what if the phone that’s damaged is a recent model? In other words, what if you’re not quite ready to trade up? This is especially relevant if the damage to the phone is minor, such as a cracked screen. 

In such a case, it’s better to opt for professional iPhone repair. 

Can I Fix It Myself?

Now that’s the $64,000 question.

And the answer hinges on your level of technical skill and expertise, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much confidence you place in your technical skill and expertise. And trying to manage even an iPhone screen repair is no simple task. 

Let’s see: first, you’ll have to order a screen repair kit. That’s an extra expense, plus the wait time for it to arrive. Then there’s the matter of ensuring that it’s the right kit for your phone. 

Then you’ll have to take your phone apart to replace the screen. The screen consists of separate layers, each of them delicate and very sensitive, which opens the door to further possible damage. 

Bottom line: unless you’re a very experienced and hands-on tech geek, it’s best to avoid the DIY route. 

Or Should I Use an iPhone Repair Service?

Now we’re getting somewhere. 

If you’re unwilling to purchase a new iPhone, and you don’t want to risk tackling a DIY repair job, your best option is to take your phone to a local iPhone repair service. Apple will repair your phone, but that can be pricey and if you don’t live near an Apple store it can take a while if you have to send your phone in for repair. 

Your best choice is to look for a local repair service. Do your research, and find one that specializes in Apple products. Whether it’s an iPhone 6 repair, or a newer model iPhone 8 repair, they’ll be able to help you out. 

Don’t Let a Damaged iPhone Ruin Your Life

No one wants to think of having to repair a broken iPhone. But, when life happens, it’s time to make the hard decisions. And unless you’re eager to shell out a cool grand on a new phone, your best bet is to opt for a good local iPhone repair service. 

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