Does Your Old Cell Phone Just Collect Dust? Here’s What to Do With It

Almost every one of us has, at least, one or two old mobile phones lying somewhere in the house. Considering how fast we change smartphones, looking for one that has better performance, this is completely normal. 

Although, we will elaborate on this item in the continuation of the article, recycling an old phone is, probably, option No.1 for many reasons, such as preserving the environment. There are websites and services specialized in recycling your broken phones. On them, you can, let’s say, recycle your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, or older models.

So, here is how you can free up space in drawers occupied by phones you no longer use and even make money along the way.

Opportunity to Make Money

As technology advances, the average person has difficulties to observe all the changes that are happening in the world of the mobile industry. That is why, unfortunately, we are missing out on extraordinary facts which, only when we become aware of them, can attract our attention and make a light bulb go on in our head and we incorporate everything that belongs to the past of technology into the future.

You probably did not know some of these interesting things, so maybe you will experience your ‘eureka’ after reading the following paragraphs.

Globally speaking, the number of people that own a smartphone or any mobile phone is 4.78 billion, which is 61.04% of the world’s population. It is nearly a two-time increase comparing to four years ago. Believe it or not, some research shows that on average, every person has 1.28 phones in the house, which they do not use or would like to sell. Wise minds have come up with a mutual benefit from this, so there are companies for buying off mobile phones.

This is also a purposeful solution because your phone can make someone happy, while you, with a fuller wallet, will solve the problem of space that bothers you. If, on the other hand, you need to bridge the period when your device is not working, buying a second-hand phone is a cost-effective solution.

All in all, it is a win-win situation. With the popularization of smartphones and the rapid change of technology, the average price of the most popular phones that are traded is between £ 130 and £ 135 and declines, which takes on serious dimensions when multiplied by the number of those who own them.

Ignorance as a Big Problem

Almost a third of the world’s population does not know how and where to recycle their old phones. Therefore, instead of returning the phone to the sales and demand cycle, the average user abandons the old phone, with a minor malfunction, forever.

Although the service life of the phone is estimated at seven years, most people do not use it for more than 18 months, up to two years, before switching to another model.

Even more interesting fact is that people who are on postpaid, use only half of the contract, so all the wealth poured into minutes, megabytes and messages remain unused. And here, the companies profit up to 50 billion euros.

How Does Recycling Work?

Recycling old phones is another clever way, if not the cleverest way, to get rid of what you call junk. First of all, it should be known that not all phones that are put in the recycling process are completely destroyed. Many of them are actually just ‘rejuvenating’, and as such, they end up most often on the market in developing countries.

If we take into account there are as many subscriber users in the world as we mentioned in the text above, half of which are in Asia, it can be seen that some even have more than one phone. These phones for internal agreements, family networking or business, are generally of lower quality than the primary ones, so that is where, after all, recycled phones end up.

As we already said, you should know that out there are websites and services specialized in recycling phones. So, if you think it is too expensive to repair your smartphone, the Internet is filled with those who have a solution and will turn your mobile phone into cash.

Gold Really Does Exist

All newer phones contain close to 0.2 grams of gold. Of course, you cannot get rich from one phone but consider how many tons of gold is in 50 million unused devices. Serious wealth, right?

And it is not just gold that can be extracted from old phones. There are also materials like nickel, palladium, coltan and many other useful things. Recycling these materials saves a lot of money.

A Bit More of Fun Facts

If you thought that only phones pile up on shelves and serve no purpose, you are mistaken. It is not just mobile phones that are eagerly awaiting recycling. Approximately 12 million video game consoles, 11 million digital cameras, 9 million computers, according to British research, have not been used, and only in that country. How many there are in the whole world – it is unimaginable.

Yes, you are really right if you just thought of collecting, recycling or selling your phones to those who buy them off. In that way, you will make it a little easier for yourself and, at least, for a moment replenish your wallet, that if you already have no pretensions to some business that will move you and it concerns the aforementioned. Think hard, then get to work.

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