What Are Electric Vehicle Engineering Courses?

You’ll get numerous results online if you search for electric vehicle engineering courses. Every EV training program aims to cover all EV design and integration areas. We are moving towards an eco-friendly mode which is electric vehicles. It does not produce as much pollution as a diesel or petrol vehicle does to the environment. As covid affected every student and college study plan, these courses are available online and offline. In this article, you’ll learn about electric vehicle engineering courses.

Learning Outcomes

Here are things that you will learn from good electric vehicle courses:

Technology in Electric Vehicles

You need to understand the dynamics of a vehicle and drivetrain system. There are multiple battery management systems and auxiliary systems. You will know about all the technical parts of a car. Here are some topics which get covered in the technical parts

  • Introduction to Batteries and Energy Systems.
  • You will learn about the battery designing and manufacturing part.
  • One essential part of a vehicle is the safety and packing of the product inside the car.
  • Knowing about an electric vehicle’s charging and the discharging system is essential.

Electric Vehicle PowerTrain Design With MATLAB

It is a part that deals with the design of electric vehicles. It means the different elements in an electric car so people can access them easily. Here you will learn that safety comes first before pricing because some companies try to make affordable parts but compromise security. So you need to understand this designing part very carefully. Here are some of the topics:

  • You will learn about vehicle dynamics modeling.
  • A critical part of designing is power electronics supercapacitors.
  • You will learn about different methods to control motors.
  • You will learn about Electric vehicle transmissions and how they differ from vehicles.
  • The most important part of designing is the induction motor.

Electric Vehicle Battery Design with MATLAB

For an electric vehicle, it is essential to store the power or electricity. Hence we require a sound battery system. Engineers need to focus a lot on the battery management system because it is the backbone of an electric vehicle. They should understand how much the life of a battery is suitable for an electric car.

This course mainly deals with designing, modeling, and running simulation tests on electric vehicle batteries and their components. The benefit of having a design is that you do not need to make any changes to the product. Instead, you can directly correct your mistakes on the design and do the testing part.

  • You need to know about the different battery types available in the market.
  • The performance of a battery, materials, and components.
  • You need to consider the battery management system for better performance.
  • You will learn about Matlab models of cells and packs.
  • You need to understand the Matlab algorithm.


Above are some significant benefits of learning from electric vehicle engineering courses. You will get guaranteed placement in your favorite companies if you have all the above skills. The demand for electric vehicles is increasing exponentially due to job opportunities for electric vehicle engineers.

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