A Guide to Write College Essays in Simple Steps

Whether a student is prepared or not, there does come a time when the student has to face the task of writing their first college essay. Even when a student is good at writing, they would still see the task of writing an essay as daunting as there is a huge difference between writing an essay on a school level and in college. Though the main structure of the essay remains the same unless your instructor has asked for something else, a college essay requires more research and evidence to support the assertion made. In contemporary times, the student also opts for various college paper writing service but if a student wants to do it by himself then here are a few simple steps that would help you to write an essay with much ease.

Understand the Task

There is no shame in asking your instructor again and again about the assignment if you were not clear the first time. It is also important for your own success as it totally depends on what the instructor has asked. 

Create an Outline 

Do proper research beforehand so that outlining the framework of the essay can become easy. This info dump of research can be made into bullets making it easy to formulate the essay. Along with that do add the links and references from where the data have been collected as it will make it easy to cite and refer to it easily. Also, construct a central argument in this phase to make a point upon which the research would be further carried out. As making an argument prior would help to understand the ideas you would be incorporating into the essay. 

Creating a Hook

It is important to draw the attention of your reader from the start till the end of your essay. This is also called creating a hook that could be the title of your essay, the opening lines that connect the whole essay, or a theory that is different. 


You can correct any mistake in your essay by reading it over and over again. You can also get someone else’s perspective on your essay by having a peer review. 

The Constituting Parts of Essay

An essay is constituted of three main parts that are the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction deals with a brief roadmap that is to be expected in the essay. It contains an intriguing opening statement, the crux of the topic and the ideas to be presented, and a conclusion that contains the thesis statement. The opening para also contains the introduction of the subject and the background. The main body of the essay presents the evidence that either supports or rejects the main assertion. This is where help from previous literature is taken with regard to the references used. The conclusion wraps the whole essay in a precise manner presenting the main argument, the hypothesis whether it is proven or not, along with the theoretical underpinnings. It not only is about restating the essay but also can contain something that could leave the reader to think about, or to research further in future work.

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