Top 5 High Demand Projects for B.Tech Computer Science [CSE] Students in 2023

The Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech is a two-year undergraduate course that offers an interdisciplinary study of engineering and technology. Though every B. Tech branch provides a promising career, CSE or Computer Science and Engineering are among the most coveted engineering branches. B.Tech CSE syllabus puts greater emphasis on imparting knowledge about the fundamentals of networking and computer programming. 

The topics covered under B. Tech CSE is programming languages, algorithms, computer software, database, data structure, computer software, programme designing, etc. Since there is such a high demand for skills to succeed in the industry, many individuals get demotivated and feel highly daunted. But there is a pathway through which CSE students can get industry-ready skills and the opportunity to practice the skills they already have. The fabled pathway is doing as many projects related to CSE. 

Projects, especially end-to-end ones, offer students a taste of what working in the industry feels like by providing first-hand experience. 

There are many central project ideas for CSE for you to choose from. You can opt for the ones you feel the most comfortable in or grow by coming out of your comfort zone by doing a new project. Whatever your choice, the list of the best project ideas for CSE. However, projects might seem challenging as you begin writing the first line of code. The projects are comprehensive and require much time to complete. These projects can be perfect as projects for CSE’s final year. 

Detection of Brain Tumors with Image Segmentation

This is one of the most popular projects among machine learning and deep learning enthusiasts. It is a straightforward project where students are required to create a clarifier capable of finding tumors from a brain picture. The students usually use the process of image segmentation and perfect features, which gives the classifier good accuracy. Students should also use different metrics and try to make this an end-to-end model, and with the availability in hand, you should also put this model of yours into production for maximum effect. 

Battery Saver Programme for Android Users

Android devices are infamous for consuming an amount of battery. Since Android is open-source, there are many devices, and optimizing applications for such a vast ecosystem remains a massive challenge for any developer. This project aims to build an application to deal with this omnipotent issue. Students undertaking this project can try a few tricks, like stopping the app in the background by force to ensure that the users are notified about the application draining the battery. 

Fingerprint Voting System

This project, when undertaken in a democratic country, can help elections to be fairer and work overall in favor of democracy. It would be best if you tried this project because it will test out some tech stacks at a time. The methodology for implementing the project lies in the student’s hands. However, students increasingly try out different things like automatically casting a vote when the machine recognizes the fingerprint, unlocking the interface only when the machine reads your fingerprint accurately, etc.

Crime Rate Predictions Using the K-means algorithm

This is one of the most exciting projects a final-year CSE student can do. The students require a dataset of crimes using the K-means algorithm, and they can predict the crime rate. This project has overarching importance in our society because we see an upward trend in the number of crimes committed daily.

Creating a Messenger Application That Uses Bluetooth Technology

This project is about creating applications, like WhatsApp, with the only difference being that the applications should use Bluetooth instead of the internet. Working on this project can focus on improving two skills, firstly, improving application creation skills and, secondly, gaining valuable knowledge of the network. Students working on this project can create an app using one of the many connection formulae.

These are some of the most popular final-year projects that CSE students can do to improve their learning through hands-on experience working in a real-world setting.

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