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People are going crazy for streaming apps nowadays just because of the raw, fresh, and original content. Every second person has a subscription to one or the other streaming service. At the price of one movie ticket, you can view thousands of movies, shows, documentaries, and much more. It is a cheap and convenient way to entertain yourself in the comfort of your place of choice. If you have subscribed to one streaming platform, you can view the content whenever you want; whether you are traveling, having binge-watch nights, or want a break from study, streaming sites are handy sources of entertainment in every case. And, one such popular streaming site with the maximum variety of content is Hotstar.

Disney+ Hotstar or Disney plus Hotstar aka Hotstar is a very renowned streaming platform that hosts various TV channels, original shows, and movies. It has two subscription plans currently. It is affordable for many users but some feel it is expensive and out of budget. For those who can afford the subscription, APK comes to their rescue. The Hotstar APK offers a free, functional, and comprehensive streaming platform, let’s know more.

Hotstar consists of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies and shows. The app was inaugurated in 2015 and has become the best entertainment source of the time. Data has revealed that by the time Hotstar completed its 100 million downloads from Google Play Store. 

The biggest perk for this app is its multi-language content that can appeal to a vast section of the audience. Most of the western streaming apps only offer the content from a selected region, but Hotstar provides the best variation when it comes to regional content.

The app has divided its content into three major categories namely TV shows, movies, and sports. But every category has various layers of subcategories.

From local to mainstream movies, you can find everything of your choice on Hotstar. Marvel movies, Star Wars, and everything famous are easily available on Hotstar. This app is all-inclusive and suits well with the needs of every age and gender.

Information of Hotstar Mod APK 11.1.9

Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Latest version11.1.9
DeveloperNovi Digital
Google play linkin.startv.hotstar
Size33.73 MB

What are The Features of Hotstar?

With the speed with which streaming services are moving, we get the idea that it is slowly becoming the next-generation cable TV. More and more people are getting attached to the streaming platform and Hotstar is no exception. Having said that, let’s understand the features of Hotstar:

  1. Movies: Movies have always been an important part of the entertainment sector. The cinema has been evolving since its inception, the journey was quite long, from black to colored cinematic experience, and viewers have witnessed various changes. Therefore, streaming platforms like Hotstar cannot be excluded from their platforms. To cater to all categories of users, Hotstar includes a wide variety of movies. From Hollywood movies, Bollywood, to Vernacular movies, you name it, you get it! There is a long list of movies available on Hotstar so that you can find whatever appeals to you the most.
  2. TV Shows: Sometimes you want something beyond movies, and this is when TV shows come to the role. Every TV series consists of several episodes, usually, they range from 10 to 13 episodes. Every episode lasts for 50 to 60 minutes. You can never watch all episodes at once on your Cable TV. When streaming platforms were not an option, users had to wait for weeks to complete one show. But anyone can binge-watch all the episodes without any break. Hotstar is loaded with different kinds of TV shows from every corner of the world. From mainstream Hollywood shows to Hindi TV serials, you can find an unmatched variety of shows.
  3. Sports: “Sports” is an evergreen entertainment source. It is much more than just entertainment, but a faith. Hotstar has side-lined Cable TV because it offers almost every sporting event such as the World Cup, Indian Super League, and more! Apart from this, many other minor tournaments can be watched on Hotstar.
  4. High-end quality– The video quality of Hotstar is very impressive. There are many streaming platforms out there, but nothing can beat Hotstar when it comes to quality and variety of videos. You can watch every movie and TV show in high-resolution quality. There is no pirated content hosted on Hotstar. Therefore, nothing to worry about the duplicity.
  5. Download videos: When there was no streaming app available, people used to go crazy on torrent sites for downloading content. Torrent was not a legal option thus people end up facing security troubles. But with Hotstar, there is nothing to be worried about authenticity while downloading videos on Hotstar.
  6. No sign-in required: Another thing that annoys you most of the users is the continuous sign-in or sign-up demands of the streaming platforms. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing their private information and thus Hotstar doesn’t ask you to create an account or log-in to watch the content.
  7. Exclusive Hotstar originals: If you want to watch exclusive Hotstar originals, you will seriously find something interesting. Hotstar also has the original rights for you, this is why the Hotstar exclusive content is nowhere else to be found.
  8. Content for Kids: Parents often worry about the stuff their kids are going to be served with. But with Hotstar, there is nothing to be worried about because there is a whole lot of data available. There is a kid’s mode to get kid-friendly content.

Download Hotstar Premium APK Mod – For Premium Unlocked Mode

Hotstar has premium subscription packages that work on monthly subscriptions. But using the Hotstar APK Mod, you can easily download the videos for free.

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