How Do You Pass All Acca Papers In The First Attempt?

There seems to be a couple of students each year who doesn’t cut to pass the ACCA exam the first time. Particularly when it comes to the challenging job market, showcasing the first-time pass can give you that competitive edge over other candidates. Having an understanding of ACCA papers is, not enough. You must possess the right strategy that can help you become part of the handful that do pass all ACCA papers in the first go. Read on to find out how.

Plan An Early Acca Revision 

To score good marks in your ACCA exam you must be capable of applying the concepts you’ve learned based on current scenarios. You must be passionate about, absorbing and processing what you’re reading each day. This makes room for plenty of time revising and makes time to truly understand what you’ve practised.

Think With An Acca Examiner’s Viewpoint

It’s important to know that your revision is covering all the right areas that examiners choose to pick questions from. Familiarise yourself with examine Approach interviews as they can help guide you on what examiners tend to look for. Browse through the articles published on the ACCA website to obtain insight into individual ACCA papers from an examiner’s perspective.

Take Out Personal Time 

Although gaining knowledge is the most essential part of scoring ACCA, it can be quite difficult to perform well on the day if you’re tired physically or mentally. During the revision days, make time to do things that make you happy. It is suggested that you don’t have to entirely stop having leisure time as that can truly be counter-productive.

Figure Out An Acca Answering Technique

It is generally observed that ACCA students tend to get overwhelmed by the vast information there is to learn. Focusing heavily on the exam content is crucial, but it’s equally important that you analyse the way of answering the different questions of each paper. Try to download past papers from the ACCA website and be sure to choose a revision platform that will teach you how best to structure answers for different types of ACCA questions.

Stay physically fit

The more pressure you put yourself under on the ACCA exam day, the more sweaty palms and heart racing you will have to carry on. Now, not only do these things make you less productive but also less likely to perform to your best. If you’re hoping to pass the ACCA right for the first time, you need to be able to think clinically.

The only way to achieve this is by ensuring that you’re staying healthy while gearing up for your ACCA exams. To speak generally, try not to put yourself under unnecessary pressure and remember to eat well, exercise, drink enough water, and get enough sleep. To learn more about the tips and tricks to ace at ACCA exam the first time, apply to a preparatory course today!

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