How the Police Force are Using QR Codes

Thanks to their versatility, QR codes have also made their way into the police force. Several police organizations around the world are starting to use QR codes to fight crimes and respond to victims as quickly as possible.

The forces that serve and protect us also need to keep up with technology to improve their day-to-day duties.

Take a look at how police organizations around the globe are creatively using a reliable QR code generator online in their arsenal.

QR Codes to Alert Authorities

If a civilian sees any misdemeanor or crime around the neighborhood, the best that they can do is report them to authorities. To encourage the public to report violators-at-large, Virginia Beach Crime Solvers made it easier to report through QR codes.

In 2018, the local police installed crime kiosks in all Walmart branches in the area. The concept is for these kiosks to serve as wanted posters where people can view wanted criminals’ information. 

People can simply scan the URL QR code in the kiosk to submit a tip.

QR Codes to Serve as an Official Document for Motorists

Checkpoints are necessary, especially if a crime has recently occurred in the vicinity. Keeping official documents with you—be it about your identity or the authenticity or ownership of the vehicle—is critical to clearing your identity as needed. 

While it’s always best to bring your driver’s license whenever you drive, some people still forget them for some reason. Luckily, QR codes can work just as effectively as a digital driver’s license to show to authorities. 

As an example, Thailand launched a virtual driver’s license through DLT QR. People simply need to register their details and connect their physical licenses to the app. When scanned, this shows the image of the license and reveals any traffic violations.

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QR Codes to Access Traffic Accident Reports

One task of the police force is to keep track of traffic accident reports. It can be beneficial for commuters and motorists to access them for a number of reasons. A police department in Ohio puts QR codes in their police cars, so people can scan them when they patrol the area. 

Once scanned, this redirects them to the police department’s website showing the traffic incidents database.

Aside from this feature, these QR codes can also be used to submit an anonymous tip and find out information about the police force and the town itself.

QR Codes to Keep Commuters Safe from Shady Drivers

For those who use ride-hailing apps, safety is of vital concern. Keeping safe on the road is one factor, but keeping safe from drivers is another. You never know their intentions, so it’s best to stay alert during the ride. But if you ever encounter a suspicious driver, reporting them should be easier.

In 2017, Delhi Police India placed QR codes on different modes of public transportation including taxis, auto-rickshaws, and more.

This QR code should include the driver’s name, address, and registration number of the vehicle. Even if you don’t really feel in danger, it’s handy to record them or send them to your family, just in case.

QR Codes can be Used for Other Things, Too

As you can see, QR code generator software such as QRTIGER is a versatile technology that can be used creatively.

Whether it’s promotional materials or data gathering, make sure you generate QR codes from an advanced and reliable QR code generator.

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