How To Boost Your Salary with Latest Technological Certification

Have you heard the news that learning new skills as well as high demanded certifications can result in a significant pay bump? If not, then your visit to this page is worth it. CEH certification, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking certification can help tons by boosting the salary pay incredibly. 

According to the analysis, the latest salary for those who attributed towards learning new skills got the latest raise up to $12,000 and those who attributed towards new certification course got raise to $13,000. There are various types of security certification courses that can take you to such beneficial outcomes. 

In this article, we’ll look at certain certification courses through which you can get the highest salary boost in the upcoming future. Certified ethical hacking is one of the hot cake nowadays for boosting the salary. To know more about this course, keep reading the article till the end. So, let’s jump into details without burning much time. 

What type of security course can help tons? 

If you are caught in the middle of somewhere about whether the security courses can help your IT career or not then the short answer is- yes. Putting your efforts and time to earn in-demand certification can boost your salary as well as it can open doors to a wealth of many new opportunities. 

Now the next question is how to choose the right course? For that, we’ll look at specific cybersecurity information regarding certification courses. Following are various types of security course which can help tons: 

1. CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional 

CISSP is a highly demanded certification among security professionals across the world. You should have at least five years of experience in a minimum of two of the eight subject areas covered by the CISSP exam for earning CISSP certification. 

Following are some CISSP certification benefits: 

  • This would boost your IT security skills.
  • Would have higher salary income compared to non-CISSP certified. 
  • You would always stay on top of the cybersecurity trends. 
  • Helps you to gain credibility as a security expert. 
  • Make you a more effective IT leader. 

2. CEH Certification (Cyber Ethical Hacker)  

Today’s youth believes in getting CEH certification as this profession is wide-spread throughout the world and also has huge demand that is never going to slow down. This certification comes under cybersecurity and it is one of the most popular penetrating testing certifications in the market. 

Let’s get into the info where you would be able to know the benefits of getting a hacker course: 

  • It would help you to improve the knowledge regarding the risks and vulnerabilities. 
  • Make you learn how to think like a hacker. 
  • By having certified ethical hacking certification you would get an incredible boost in the salary. 
  • Hacker course would help you to learn about certain real hacking tools. 
  • The most ultimate one is, it would advance your security career across the world. 

The above were few benefits of getting the hacker course. In this era, where there are people who are getting extroverted toward social media and also the people who are sitting eagerly to hack their personal information. Thus, in this case, security awareness training is also very important. 

According to Vinsys upskilling in technological field is utmost important. Above was everything regarding the cybersecurity course? Each of the above courses can help tons to enhance your salary outcomes, but it depends on you that in which field you are interested.

3. CompTIA security+ 

CompTIA security+ is the vendor-neutral certification course that is recognized across the globe. According to the InfoSec Institute, the individual who has this credential can earn up to $95,859 per annum. For getting this opportunity, you have to clear the CompTIA security+ certification examination and should also have at least two years of experience in the IT field. 

Following are few benefits of this certification: 

  • It is a vendor-neutral certification. 
  • If you are just a beginner in the cybersecurity field then this is the best course you can have as it is an entry-level certification. Thus, it does not ask for much experience. 
  • This certification is globally accepted. 
  • Higher salary payout. 
  • The ultimate advantage of this certification is that you can opt for taking a government job. 

4. Cisco CCNA security 

Yet another security course to boost your income, CCNA security certification is a network professional demonstrates that requires the skills to develop a security infrastructure, mitigate security threats, and much more. 

Following are some benefits of getting CCNA security certification: 

  • According to analysis, the average salary of CCNA security is around $77,000 per annum. 
  • You would be learning new technology for the rest of your career which means high job opportunities as well. 
  • This credential offers IT professionals a set career path in network security which is also called a long-term job. 
  • Helps you to keep updated with the new technologies by providing you the material to learn new skills and knowledge. 

To get this credential, you must have to pass two exams that is one for CCENT and then another for the CCNA security for earning the cert. 

5. CISA: Certified Information System Auditor 

Last but not the least, this is one of the oldest security certifications courses. It was introduced in 1978 for those who have to work in jobs that require to audit, assess, monitor, and control certain IT systems. 

To earn this certification, you must have at least five years of experience in IT monitoring or control for qualifying for the CISA examination. This exam is only available three times a year.

Following are the advantage of earning this credential: 

  • The average salary of the IT auditors in management positions is $112,250 to $171,500 per annum. 
  • This certification would help you land on the advanced position, as well as, give a boost that is required to become CIO. 
  • Globally recognized certification.

Conclusion – 

Security awareness training is also the best option to explore for getting certain career benefits. We hope that you have made your mind by now about getting the best certification course from above.

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