How to Choose the Best Business VoIP Phone Service?

The time has changed and the business phone system is no longer good to make or receive calls. The right kind of business VoIP phone service can do a lot more than this. It can pave the path of success, increase the revenue, leverage productivity, and strengthen the market presence.

Basically, it can make you win at every front when use rightly and diligently. But, not any run-of-the-mill virtual business phone service is capable of doing so. Only the best ones can pull it off. Hence, a business must learn the art and science that choosing the right business VoIP provider demands.

While it’s tough in today’s over-crowded market place, we have some tips that can help you at this front. Read the full post and learn about these tips.

But before, anything, let’s learn why one must choose business VoIP phone service over traditional PSTN-based business phone systems.

Business VoIP System – The Demand of Future

Business VoIP is the technology that uses the internet for every common telephony operation. Starting from voice call transmission to data storage, everything related to telephony can be handled, managed, operate over the cloud using an internet connection.

Business communication happening in this manner is way advanced and advantageous over PSTN-based business communication as:

  • It saves cost
  • It supports flexibility and scalability
  • It consists of unified communication
  • It leaves scope for CRM integrations
  • It grants mobility to business communications
  • It enables a business to track business communication with full conviction
  • It makes data easily accessible

It’s just an overview of highly extensive assistance. The crux of the matter is that VoIP telephony is perfect to ensure that your business communication is future-ready and advanced enough to reap maximum benefits.

As it’s clear that all this is going to happen only when you have made the right choice at the business VoIP service provider, it’s time we must learn about the tips that can help to get the right kind of business VoIP telephony.

Cost and choice of plans

Cost is one of the most important factors whenever any purchase is about to happen and VoIP telephony is no expectation. But, understanding the cost factor, in this case, is a bit difficult as there are many things involved.

Some of the key fronts where end-costing may vary drastically are:

Deployment type – In general, cloud telephony is available in three types of deployment: on-site, on-cloud, and hybrid. The final costing depends a lot on which deployment type you chose.

  • On-site deployment – In this type of deployment, all the telephony components are deployed on the work location and are managed by the business itself. It demands high upfront investment.
  • On-cloud deployment – On-cloud deployment is one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free options that one can have. In this deployment type, everything is deployed on-cloud and is managed by the service provider. The only thing that a business should look after is the buying right kind of business plan.
  • Hybrid deployment – This deployment type is useful for businesses that have already an existing ISDN telephone system. In this deployment type, the businesses only purchase VoIP telephony services.

Other than deployment types, the next thing that needs your attention is the choice of a service plan. The more options you have to choose from, the better it would be as it increases the chances of getting the right kind of service.

VoIP service providers like CallHippo is a better solution. It offers four different plans. While three offers pre-designed features, it’s the fourth plan is highly customized. This way it ensures that you get just as is required.

A responsive mobile app

For enhanced mobility, having a mobile app is a must. It allows frontline workers to remain functional even when they are not on their desk. A user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app is indeed one factor that one should take into consideration while purchasing the VoIP phone service.

CRM Integration

A robust CRM integration network holds the capacity to leverage workflow and increase productivity at every level. VoIP telephony systems that offer integrations with tools like Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Slack, PipeDrive, and many more are definitely a right pick.

Using such business phone system makes a business to bring stability and uniformity across the workflow. Businesses can bring various operational fronts over a single platform and endow the team with better data accessibility.

Support for unified communication

Today’s business communication has out-grown the traditional calling system. It involves more than just making and receiving calls. Unified communication is the need of the hour and your prospective business VoIP telephony should support it.

Service providers whose products can support communication using means like SMS, voicemail, video-conferencing, email are the best ones. If someone is offering website integration of tools like live chatbots and online inquiry/feedback then it shall be preferred over others.

Flexible API

Some businesses have custom-made requirements and they need to build their software. In that case, one must choose the vendor that offers a flexible API facility as it allows us to get what is needed or required.

Free trial

No matter how firmly a vendor lays the claim to offer quality service, a floor-test is required. One must not trust blindly on the claims. A free trial is an ideal way to testify the viability of a service/product in your ecosystem.

It allows you to understand to what extent the claim is right and whether or not the product is suitable for you. Hence, vendors with free trial must be preferred others. Again, you must pay attention to the time duration of a free trial. A free trial of 7-days will do no good for you. Go for the ones that offer 15-30 days of a free trial.

In conclusion

A right kind of VoIP service holds all the power to leverage productivity, revenue, and ROI. But, only a reliable and quality service provider can bequeath all these benefits.

This is why one must make a concise decision at this front. Though it seems a tough job, success can be achieved by paying attention to aspects like cost, choice of plan, CRM integration, and a few other things.

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