A Guide on How to Create a Tutorial Video

Do you want to learn how to make a video online to help others better understand how some things work?

Since we live in the digital era, most of our learning also comes from online content. Around 39% of consumers want explainer videos to help them pick up or learn something. If you want to share your knowledge about certain topics, read on to learn the best way of doing it on video.

1. Write a Plan and Script for Your Tutorial Video

The first step is to create a plan for your video tutorial. Imagine how the video will look like by creating storyboards. Next, create a script for the tutorial.

When you write a script, start your tutorial video with a compelling introduction. Keep your script straightforward and concise, only giving the necessary information. This will also translate into the tutorial video later.

2. Shoot the Video and Record the Audio

Before you shoot your tutorial video, start by rehearsing it. You can rehearse on camera first, so you can review how your tutorial looks on video before you complete it. Rehearsing will also help you check if you’re shooting it at a place with good lighting and angles.

When you’re ready to shoot, gather all the equipment and materials, you need for the video. A good method of creating a tutorial video is to film the process and then dub over it. This way, the audio recording is clearer.

Try filming a few extra times. Remember, it’s better to have a lot of extra footage than to lack them. After you shoot the video, get a quality microphone and go somewhere quiet to record the audio.

3. Put Everything Together on Video Production Software and Share

The final step is to stitch your audio and footage together in post-production. Use the video editor of your choice to trim out extra footage and cut out mistakes. All that’s left to do is to share your tutorial video online.

4. More Tips on Making Video Tutorials

Out of any content category type on YouTube, tutorial and how-to videos get the most attention. However, it can be easy to lose your audience after a few minutes. Keep your video interesting, especially in the intro and midway point to keep your audience’s attention.

Are you tackling a tricky or difficult subject? Keep your tutorial video short and concise. If the video goes on longer than 10 minutes or more, cut it into parts instead.

Add personality to the way you teach to build a good rapport with your audience. Give them full control of the video so they can absorb information at their pace. Use the standard control buttons like pausing and replaying of some parts.

Create a Unique Video Tutorial Today

Now, you know how to make an instructional video that is interesting and direct. We hope that you use this short guide on making a tutorial video to help many others.

If you want to keep learning other ways of sharing your knowledge, check out our other posts now.

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