How to Make Profit with Your Fruit Juice Product Range?

Fresh fruit juices and beverages are all the rage today, and many consumers appreciate the taste of different fruit juice combinations and mixes. The fact that they’re healthy and essentially guilt-free add to their appeal. Because of this, juice businesses are cropping up and trying to keep pace with the healthy living trend, and they’re making a substantial profit indeed. It’s also easy to make fruit juice drinks and beverages, making it an inherently profitable and almost effortless endeavour. Your customers can enjoy their drinks on your premises or order them as takeaways, making them even more popular. Besides, fruit juice is naturally filling, so consumers can get an energy boost as well. But how can you easily make a better profit with a fruit juice product range? Here’s what you need to know.

Develop your core recipes

If you want your fruit juice enterprise or fruit juice section in your establishment to make a better profit, one of the first things you can do is develop your core recipes. It wouldn’t do to offer too many at once – what’s better is to carve your niche first with a few core offerings that can wow your customers. Here’s another thing: it would be better to choose three to four fruit juice recipes with ingredients you can easily get. You may also find it helpful to compare the cost of your core ingredients between different suppliers to have a good idea of where you should get your ingredients. Once you have a price list, you can decide which supplier works best for your needs and budget.

When you plan out your costs for each recipe, you can also layout different recipe variants that you may want to use in the future. Also, if some of your core ingredients include berries, apples, or lemons, you can figure out their basic prices (and price variations depending on the season) and work this into your costing and budget.

Know where to source your goods

You can boost your profits and earn more if you know where to source your goods. Fresh fruit can be quite expensive, so to make it easier, you can source fruit juice in puree or concentrate form – such as what you can get from organic fruit puree suppliers like EE & Brian Smith, which specialises in fruit puree varieties both from the UK and abroad.

Carefully figure out your packaging

The packaging you use for your fruit juice products will make a difference, affecting your overall earnings in the end. So you have to carefully figure out your packaging. Make a list of all the items you will use for your fresh fruit juices or smoothies. Are you planning to make use of bottles? How about plastic or paper cups and straws? When choosing your packaging, work out what will work best in terms of your budget and your company branding. Plain cups are a lot less expensive than branded cups, so you may want to keep this in mind, especially if you are starting. You should also keep minimum orders in mind when checking out different suppliers for your packaging; even if the cost of each item is low, you may be required to order in bulk, which may cost you more at the onset.

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