How to Manage Negative Facebook Reviews and Recommendations the Right Way

Let’s face it, businesses are run by humans. Well, mostly humans, unless the robots take over. That is a topic for another day though. Since they are run by humans there are sure to be some shortfalls. 

These shortfalls could result is some customers not having the best experience causing them to maybe leave a negative review. The thing is, most people get too hung up with negative reviews and panic. 

They do not know how to best deal with it. What should be done is to turn it into an opportunity. That is exactly the type of mindset you should have.

This article will give you a complete guide on how to manage negative Facebook reviews. So, without further to do, let’s get started.

Do Negative Reviews Impact Your Business?

Absolutely it does. The wide availability of information nowadays makes quite an impact on your business.

Customers nowadays pay very close attention to the reviews of a business. In fact, reviews have a direct impact on the purchase decision of potential customers. 

A study confirmed around 90% of look at least 10 or more reviews before deciding to do business with a company. Also, customers may spend more money on business with positive reviews.  

Marketing in today’s world has turned towards word of mouth. Customers look into input from their peers and other similar buyers to make a purchase decision.

What you have to understand is that customers are risk aversive. They will always look to minimize risk. So, a business with positive reviews comes off as low risk. It really is as simple as that.

So how do you manage negative Facebook reviews to show your business is trusted and low risk? Here is how.

How to Manage Negative Facebook Reviews and Recommendations?

It is not realistic to expect all your reviews will be positive. There will be some negative reviews – that is simply the nature of business. 

The trick is to treat every negative review as an opportunity to promote your goodwill. Show your customer service prowess in the way you deal with negative reviews. Here are some steps you can take when on how to manage negative Facebook reviews.

  1. Be proactive 

Be proactive in your approach to managing negative Facebook reviews. Turn on review notifications on your Facebook business page. This will alert you when there is an activity. You can be notified immediately and it’ll help you be on top of things. From there you can take quick action.

  1. Engage and address the problem

In the worst-case scenario if you have gotten a 1-star Facebook review, do not just sit there. Engage with the review. Understand the complaint of the customer and offer a sincere apology. You can also mention you have taken their feedback and are making necessary changes. If you can, offer them a discount on a freebie to sweeten the deal. 

  1. Ask for feedback 

Another great way to deal with negative reviews is to ask customers for reviews. Most customers will have a positive experience with your business. However, not all of them will take the time to leave a review. If you can make more customers leave a review (most of which are positive), your negative reviews automatically have less impact. So simply asking for reviews to increase genuine positive reviews to flourish.

  1. Response as fast as possible

Customers expect fast replies from the business. Although, it is not always possible to reply to all comments and reviews instantly, try your best. This helps customers appreciated it more. Our first tip will come in handy here.

  1. Report and hide fake negative reviews

The internet is filled with trolls. That is just a fact. To manage these, you can report and hide fake negative Facebook reviews. 

  1. Turn on moderation of reviews

Stop the negative reviews right at the root. You can turn on review moderation for your business page. This way you can monitor and approve the Facebook review submission process. Thus, promoting a healthy community.

  1. Get review services to fight against the negative reviews

Another option you can explore is buying reviews. Organizations like provide well-written reviews for your Facebook page. A flow of positive reviews can dramatically reduce the impact of the few negative reviews.

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 Managing Facebook reviews can be a chore. If you follow these simple ways to deal with negative Facebook reviews, you should soon mitigate any unwanted impact of bad reviews. On top of that, you can also look into reputation management software that makes the whole process more seamless.

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