All That You Should Know to Start an Online Business of Printed T-shirts

What you wear reflects your identity and personality and your taste and style, which are reasons for people feeling the urge to wear something unique that helps them, make a statement and stand out from the crowd. There has been a growing demand for custom apparel especially printed T-shirts which have created many entrepreneurs who can monetize their creativity and derive the satisfaction of turning into fashion designers. The wholesale t-shirt printing companies have come forward to support the creative endeavors of aspiring designers, who can now start a business of selling custom design T-shirts. The wholesale printers are ready to print even a single piece of T-shirt without compromising on the quality while offering the same low price of bulk orders. 

Due to the favorable environment, selling T-shirts online is a trendy choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Since there is no barrier to entry, anyone can start the business with minimal funds right from their homes as there is no requirement to create any business infrastructure.  Having the right contacts with white label t-shirt suppliers and the printing company is enough to start the business and cater to customers by setting up an online shop without any investment. Shopify provides the perfect platform for setting up shop and even selling the products in the most hassle-free way. 

Despite the extreme ease of starting a business to design and sell printed T-shirts, creating your brand is not as easy as it sounds. Brand building is quite challenging, and the most difficult part is establishing a brand and making it stand out from the crowd. 

Here are the elements to tackle when starting a business of printed T-shirts.

Choose Your Niche Customers

The market of printed T-shirts is wide open, and it might be baffling to figure out where to start and which section of the audience to target. Choosing the right niche is critical to get a toehold in the business, which can pave the way to success.  Knowing the niche to target will help you focus better and stand out in the competition. Selecting the niche can be tricky if you are unaware of the techniques of filtering out the distractions. Instead of targeting the broad section of the audience that likes T-shirts with funny slogans, you must be more specific about addressing the needs of the subset of the audience like pet owners, health professionals, etc. 


Visitors to your shop would be keen to view unique designs in your catalog, designs that they see for the time. Even simple designs can be unique that can help people stand out, but they must be appealing to the audience who would be inspired to connect with them. The print quality of the design contributes to the appeal because even the best design might fail to move the audience if the print quality is not up to the mark. For quality print, the design should be big enough to cover the print area of the T-shirt. In addition, the design files should have a transparent background and have a resolution of at least 300 DPI. However, the exact specifications would depend on the printing technique and the printer’s quality.


To sustain and succeed in the online T-shirt selling a business is the quality of the products on offer. Firstly, the garment must withstand the stress of use efficiently without shrinking or ripping after a few washes. The same applies to the print quality that should not crack or fade quickly. Customers expect minimum longevity of T-shirts with proper design retention, and you cannot fail your customers. Emphasize quality for everything that goes into a printed T-shirt. From the quality of apparel, its design, the pattern, and print quality, everything should be the best to start relying on the brand even if it costs more than some other cheaper products.  As already mentioned, if you want to meet your customers’ expectations for high-quality printed t-shirts that retain their designs, it’s important to focus on quality at every stage of production. This means investing in top-notch apparel, designs, patterns, and printing technology, such as a direct-to-film printer, even if it means charging a bit more for your products.


To get a firm footing in the T-shirt industry, you must create an exciting brand. The brand promises the quality that you deliver not only for the products but also for customer service. To beat the competition, you must have a solid brand that speaks for itself. Unless you can create a distinct identity for your brand, it will be hard to attract customers and gain their attention. If your niche embraces a particular lifestyle, you must align your brand to it, which would make it easy to interact with customers. 


As a newbie, you would like to start the business with the least funds, for which you must avoid the traditional model of holding inventory. Instead, choose a print-on-demand business model that allows printing and supplying white label products only against specific orders while the printer does the added task of fulfilling orders.

When you tick the right boxes, you are on your way to fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream.

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