Investing in an Attendance Machine? Know Why KENT CamAttendance is the Best

In today’s business world, every organization must work to elevate the productivity of all employees within. Technology is a game-changer that can help organizations increase work efficiency. Organizations are now managing employee time through state-of-the-art attendance machines.

An attendance machine is highly accurate, flexible, and transparent. You cannot deny the importance of a biometric identification system in measuring the actual working hours of employees. This is the prime reason why businesses across the globe are investing in the best attendance management tools. An attendance machine is a must-have asset that can enhance the overall output and task flow management. 

An attendance machine works on automated technology. It helps in simplifying the entire process.

Following are some reasons why companies and organizations should invest in an attendance system:

Helps in Preventing Buddy Punching

Companies tend to lose tons of money every year due to the illegal practice of buddy punching. It is a process where employees secretly sign in for their colleagues in manual registers or check-in automated software by entering their passcode. However, attendance machines can detect the unique physiological features of an employee. Hence, only those employees will be marked present who have reported at the workplace. There is no need for the managers to stress about such activities as the primary function of an attendance machine is to ensure complete accuracy. 

Helps in Boosting Accuracy

Time and attendance calculation is a tedious task that involves tons of calculations. With a comprehensive and efficient attendance machine, it is easy to manage employee time. Biometric attendance systems make sure that employees do not arrive late or leave early as all the time records are maintained with precision. 

Ensures Higher Level of Employee Accountability

Workers should be accountable for their performance at the workplace. By eliminating practices such as buddy punching and time theft, attendance management software enables a company to attain a positive return on investment. It helps in checking the time trails of workers and holds them responsible for any variations. 

Increased Level of Job Engagement 

It is the responsibility of the organizations to care for hardworking employees and reward them for all their efforts. An attendance machine is an excellent tool that ensures that an organization’s workforce remains highly engaged. 

Trusted brands like KENT CamAttendance have introduced an attendance machine that is designed to create a reliable and faster attendance system.

Let’s look at some features that make KENT CamAttendance the best:

1. Face Recognition

Face recognition is an important component of the KENT CamAttendance machine. It is a next-gen touchless attendance machine based on facial recognition and uses artificial intelligence-based computer vision to capture the face of an employee. This allows the employee to clock-in and clock-out after the day is over. Attendance machines using facial recognition minimize the risk of clocking in for anyone else. 

2. Secure Cloud Storage 

KENT CamAttendance is a cloud-based attendance machine that uses time attendance programs that are based on cloud computing technology. It also helps in storing the employee’s attendance records along with other data. HR can easily download or update user employee data from the cloud database. 

3. Seamless Integration with Existing HRMS

Every business organization has a Human Resource Management Software as it helps in handling internal HR functions better. HRMS is used to store employee data, manage payroll, recruitment, and attendance time thus, making it an essential management tool. Advanced devices like KENT CamAttendance can be easily integrated with the existing HRSM system.

4. Mask Detection

Because of the ongoing pandemic, organizations have abolished biometric attendance machines as they are considered a potential transmitter of virus. The next-gen touchless attendance machines come with an in-built algorithm for mask detection which can be enabled or disabled by the organization. 

These are some of the features that make KENT CamAttendance the best attendance machine. It is advisable to invest in an advanced attendance machine with facial recognition and touchless features as it offers accuracy and is easy to use. If you are planning to install KENT CamAttendance for your company, contact them today and book a free demo!

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