Is It Worth Doing Communication Design Course in 2023?

Communication design is a specialized professional discipline that utilizes visuals and words along with appropriate media vehicles like print, digital & electronic, etc. to communicate appropriate messaging about the product or service to the desired target audience. The objective is to build a brand as well as create a positive influence on the masses, thereby generating sales and hence revenue. Communication Design is based on the insights gained from research to understand consumer behavior, preferences, cultural impact, market realities, etc. Besides this, Communication Design also requires competencies in the use of different technical skills including typography, page layout, color theory, animation, application of graphic designing and multimedia tools, etc.

 Communication Design plays a vital role in multiple disciplines like digital & print media, game design, filmmaking, animation, photography, interaction design, motion graphics, 3D artists, etc. 

Communication Design Skills

  • Creativity
  • Aesthetic sense
  • Communication & Networking skills
  • Commercial mindset
  • Understanding of varied software
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player
  • Problem-Solving ability
  • Organized & adherence to strict deadlines

Career Options: Communication Design offers multiple opportunities which are as follows:

Print Media Designer: He is recruited by magazines and newspapers and is responsible for designing the layout of the print media so as to enhance its visual appeal thus attracting the attention of the reader. However now with the advent of digital media, he is employed to enhance customer engagement and improve readability besides developing and maintaining digital marketing materials like email, digital ads, landing pages, HTML mailers, web pages, graphics, etc.  

Graphic Designer: He utilizes computer software and his creative sensibilities to create attractive visual concepts that captivate end customers leading to high brand recall. It usually involves developing ads, brochures, animations, etc.  

Interior Designer: He is responsible for ensuring that interior space is functional, efficient, and beautiful. 

UI/UX Designers: The digital product can be a success only if its interactive, engaging, logical, intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. This is ensured by UI/UX Designers only. Hence they command huge demand.  

A UX Designer must research the end user and gain insights to develop wireframes, structure Information architecture, and prototypes besides testing an online product so that it is logical, efficient, and convenient, thus building brand loyalty. 

A UI Designer is responsible for visual styling and aesthetics of the digital product including designing each page, icons, buttons, color schemes, and interface animations. 

Industrial Designer: He amalgamates art, business, and engineering to develop products and concepts like appliances, cars, electronics, toys, etc.  

Marketing & Brand Management: Being an expert in communication Design, he creates go-to marketing strategies. Basis his comprehension of cultural trends, consumer preferences & market dynamics, etc., he helps develop unique brand positioning that holds consumers’ attention, thereby enhancing sales and hence revenue. His role can be further subdivided into:

  • Digital Marketing Communication 
  • Events Marketing
  • Sales
  • Public Relation

Information Designer: He blends text, non-visual elements, facts & figures, and graphics in a manner that is attractive, and meaningful to the end users. To be successful, he must have a creative bent of mind besides possessing competencies in typography and statistical analysis. He must also comprehend human psychology so as to be able to understand a way to present boring information in an attractive manner so that it grabs more audience share.   Register now in Communication Design for a career with great prospects.

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