Is Online Art School During A Pandemic Worth It?

Humans are intrinsically creative in their own unique way. The best way of showcasing creativity is with the arts. With a global pandemic that is a year old, it could take a while before things get back to normal. But that doesn’t mean life should stop. You’ve probably asked yourself if investing in online art school is worth it in the first place. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of online art school and what you can expect so that you’re making an informed decision.

Lower Costs

This is one of the main reasons why you’d want to consider an online art school. Since the overheads are low, the benefits are passed to the students in terms of low fees. The costs of textbooks are lower if you opt for digital versions. There are some online art schools that help students get financial aid which is great if you’re pursuing a degree program.

Comfortable Learning Environment

With online art school, there are no restrictions on where you can study. There are even schools that make it possible to study at your own pace even when it’s a degree program. There can include a virtual art camp that is interactive in nature that allows for students to collaborate and share their ideas. One important factor that a lot of people overlook when searching for a school is the space requirements. With online art classes, you don’t have to compete for the space that is available.

Flexibility With Scheduling

One of the primary reasons why a lot of learners opt for online classes is because of the flexibility it provides. You don’t have to sacrifice your job in order to attend the art classes. Most of the courses are instructional videos that you can play at any time while pacing yourself to make sure that you’re getting the best education. There are some courses that will require collaborating with peers. You should do some research on such requirements before you sign up for the online art school.

Pacing Options

As we’ve already discussed, pacing oneself is one of the benefits of online classes. Most online schools know that their students don’t want to sit in live lecturers when the scheduling might not be right. There are assessment deadlines to be met but that doesn’t mean that a student has to be in class during specified options.

With synchronous scheduling, students have to be in class at a particular time. The lecturers will mostly be live via Zoom or any video chatting platform. Students can also opt for accelerated learning. That means shorter learning periods. It is not always a good option if there are a lot of things going on in life as it will require undivided attention.

No Geographical Limitations

A student in South Africa can attend one of the best Art schools in California without leaving the country. With travel restrictions imposed in most countries, there is no reason to miss out on quality education when the internet can help in bridging the gap. There are no moving or accommodation expenses but you still get the same quality of education as you would if you attended a physical school.

Improved Technical Skills

Learning online will force you to use technology. There will be different software suits and collaboration platforms to make the learning process possible. Most employers will prefer candidates with technical skills in addition to the skills that are required for the job. You also get to interact with students from different backgrounds which improves your overall perspective of your line of study and life in general.

Are Online Courses Easier Than Traditional Courses?

There is a common assumption that online courses are easier but that is not always the case. If you’re serious about advancing your career, you shouldn’t find things any easier. You can still expect the same rigor and standards with online classes as you would with traditional art school. The good thing with online classes is that you don’t feel overwhelmed and there is some sense of control over the learning progress.


You can still get financial aid for online art school. There are financial aid programs that are specifically designed for online learning. You just need to be resourceful and do research on what you can get give your circumstances. We hope we’ve been able to convince you of the benefits of online art school if you were on the fence.

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