Know Everything About Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valves have become extremely popular due to their versatility. They are used in various industries. Their customizable features make them the perfect option for just about all types of tasks. For instance, many trunnion ball valves feature fire-safe stem and O-rings packaging which helps prevent leakage. They also come with stainless steel sealant injection fittings. Some of the industries that have a high demand for trunnion mounted ball valves include hydrocarbon, LNG, oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries.  

What Is A Trunnion Ball Valve?

For those of you that do not know what a trunnion ball valve is, it is a shut off valve which uses a rotating ball. Its ball has tiny protruding shafts at its top and bottom which are supported mechanically. It makes it perfectly suitable for large diameters and higher pressures. Unlike in a floating ball valve, the ball does not float in a trunnion valve design and the seat rings float. The reason why it is used is because the operating torque tends to be lower. This helps reduce the cost of the entire system. However, the trunnion ball valve is more costly. 

So How Does A Trunnion Ball Valve Work?

The trunnion ball valve works in a similar way as the normal ball valve. However, protruding shafts support the ball, whereas, the floating ball is pushed against seals. A trunnion ball valve is a quarter-turn valve which helps prevent the flow of medium in the pipeline. The valve features a spherical or round disk in its center which rotates to stop or start the flow. It has a hollow center.    

What Is The Difference Between A Trunnion And Floating Ball Valve?

The main difference between a trunnion ball valve and a floating ball valve is how the two vales are supported. Protruding shafts provide support to the trunnion ball valve which also reduces the operating toque. As for a floating ball valve, it is not supported and simply floats. It simply pushes against the media flow which increases the operating torque. Ball valves which do not have a trunnion design are known as floating ball valves. The compression helps keep the ball in place. This means that the ball has some freedom when it comes to movement. The ball floats downstream during use against the seat ring which leads to the creation of a sealing. 

What Is Trunnion Mounted?

In the simplest of words, trunnion mounted refers to the way the internal ball of the valve is mounted. Protruding shafts provide it with support. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Trunnion Ball Valves?

There are many benefits of using trunnion ball valves. These are mentioned below. 

  • No Size Limit: One of the best things about trunnion ball valves is that they do not have a size limit. They can be found in all sizes. 
  • Customizable Features: Trunnion mounted ball valves are very versatile and can be customized accordingly.
  • Ease of Operation: A great thing about trunnion ball valves is they are very easy to use.


There is a reason why trunnion ball valves are commonly used. They provide tight shut-off in low-pressure, high-pressure, critical, and larger applications. 

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