Common Workplace Hazards

A workplace is an environment where people from different walks of life carry out certain specified activities for financial compensation at the end of an agreed period.

(This is what getting back to work after an injury feels like)

The duties of employees at the workplace are expected to be spelled out. However, some environments can be dangerous to the employees’ physical, mental, emotional, and psychological well-being and the organization as a whole.

And below are the common hazards employees experience at their workplace.

Health Hazards

This has to do with when the employee’s health is at risk during his job.

This can be experienced by those working in an animal environment. They are prone or vulnerable to infection or viruses from animals.

Environmental Hazards

This is experienced due to some machines or installations in the workplace that employees must use but at the same time is dangerous to the employees, like miners and oil drillers, who are exposed to air pollution of gasses and other chemical components.

Electrical Hazards

Some workplaces are highly technical and complicated regarding electrical fittings and installations. These installations put everyone at risk, including the engineers, and manpower cannot be separated from these machines.

Sound Hazards

Some employees can constantly hear early piercing sounds during their jobs. Imagine working in a factory where metals are cut every day. Hearing the noise will be uncomfortable to the ear for many hours daily.

The same goes for electric welders, who also put their eyes at risk when welding metals.

Mental Hazards

Some jobs are naturally demanding mentally, and multitasking is unavoidable even with the presence of computers.

Such jobs can be mentally draining to the employees, making them easily stressed and some mental-related sicknesses like constant headaches.

Gender Hazards

Some workplace (due to the nature of the job description) is gender biased, thus making a certain gender feel uncomfortable and abused in many ways, which lead to gender discrimination, sexual abuse, and harassment.

Financial Hazard

This occurs when there are loopholes and laxity in the financial setup of the workplace, which make employees (especially those in the financial department) vulnerable to being accused of fraud or embezzlement.

Career Hazard

An employee experience hazards to his/her career when there are no programs or courses in the organization to improve the productivity level of the staff.

If there are no training courses and seminars provisions, then the employees’ career is at a very big risk.

Organizational Hazards

Some organizations practice power play to attain positions, which usually means attacking or harming those they want to take over from and putting members of staff and the board at very high risk.

Economic Hazards

Some sectors of the economy are vulnerable, reliant, and dependent on the world prices of certain products. If the prices are not stable, the retention is. of the job by some of the employees are shaky.

Economic and world prices make some employees vulnerable to being thrown into the labor market anytime.

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