Does a Good Mattress Improve Sleep?

Most people don’t give much thought to what kind of mattress they sleep on. As long as it looks okay and doesn’t produce any noticeable discomfort up on sleep, that’s okay. The plethora of options is also to blame for this apathy. However, the quality of a mattress contributes significantly to good sleep. There’s a big difference between your average mattress and those that ensure sound sleep, like those sold by Sleep Essentials.

Many experts generally agree that the surface on which we sleep has a big impact on the quality of sleep. In the case of mattresses, this impact is magnified several times over because we sleep on them daily.

Characteristics of a Good Mattress

With the importance of mattresses to good sleep, it’s essential to understand the traits of good ones.

1) Material

Mattresses have come a long way, from the innerspring varieties of years past to the gel-based and air-based ones. Of course, your choice of mattress is a matter of personal preference. However, the material from which a mattress is made has an impact on sleep quality. Innerspring mattresses, for example, rely on springs to provide the support to help the mattress maintain its shape as a person lies down on it. This, however, tends to cause discomfort for some people. The constant pushing of the spring against their backs kneads their bodies to the point of irritation. Air-based and gel-based materials don’t have such drawbacks. Gel-based mattresses, in particular, use free-flowing liquids. These provide a malleable mattress surface that many people find soothing as they sleep. 

2) Firmness

Firm mattresses provide a relatively hard surface, unlike the air-based and gel-based ones. It may seem counterintuitive, but some people prefer firmer mattresses. While it’s true that most people prefer something in between, firm surfaces are beneficial for some people, especially those with certain kinds of back problems. A good mattress should have a certain level of firmness that balances the softness of the other materials in it. Sealy Orthopaedic mattresses are commonly used by people who suffer from back problems. You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep with a Sealy mattress or a Sealy bed – it’s been proven by thousands all across the globe!

3) Texture

Mattress texture can be crucial to good sleep, depending on its patterns and seams. Some brands have raised brocade-like whorls on the surface. Because the presence of such patterns may not be felt right away, most people tend to ignore this at first. As time goes on, the effects of such whorls can be felt. Of course, the extent of feeling the effects of these patterns is very much a subjective thing. However, a mattress with a good “feel” is generally reported to enable better sleep.

4) Adjustability

This feature is most with the latest types of mattresses. It involves varying the degree of firmness and position of the mattress. Changing things up can have a marked effect on your overall sleep experience. While most people are not big on mattress adjustability, the different levels of firmness and position change can provide different sleep experiences. 

Similar to wearing silk at night for men, getting a good mattress can be challenging too at times.

Finding a Good Mattress for Better Sleep

Knowing the characteristics of a good mattress may not be enough to guarantee the kind of sleep you desire. Regardless of which type of mattress you choose, finding the best mattress for better sleep involves doing the following:

i) Trying Different Types: People are different. This means that the type of mattress most favored by one person may not provide a memorable sleep experience for another. To find out what works best, it’s advisable to try as many types as you can. Of course, you have to start with the end in mind. If you prefer the slight nudging provided by patterned mattresses, then those brands with more firmness may work for you. Start by trying those first.

ii) Consider Sleep Trials: Numerous mattress manufacturers offer a grace period to their customers to try their mattresses. The aim is for the customers to document their sleep experiences for, say, 90 days before they commit to purchasing the mattress. Of course, there are special terms and conditions to ensure that the manufacturer doesn’t incur losses in case of damage to the mattress. Such an arrangement will almost always guarantee that the customer knows exactly what kind of sleep to expect from a particular type of mattress.

iii) Give It Time: Because of the subjective nature of everyone’s sleep experience, it may be difficult to gauge a mattress’s suitability. To get a better idea of this, spend at least 20 minutes in one sleeping position every time you try a new mattress. This will give you a good idea of what to expect for the long haul.

Ultimately, it’s about how a particular kind of mattress makes you feel while sleeping.

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