Know the Difference Between the Mature Hairline and Receding Hairline

One of the most common problems among men and women these days is hair loss. This problem occurs in two patterns- one is a mature hairline while the other is receding the hairline. Most of the people are not aware of what sort of problem they are facing and they think it is only baldness. However, this is not the case and to know more, keep on reading.

Most of the men have a fear of going bald or facing a receding hairline and their concern is right up to some extent. Some of them think they are going bald while in reality, they are suffering from the maturing hairline. This is because most of them don’t know the difference between the mature and receding hairline.

If you want to get a better understanding of the same, go through the difference mentioned in this guide.

Difference Between Mature hairline and Receding hairline

Mature Hairline:

As the age increases the hairline also tends to change as the rest of the body. When the hairline begins to mature, the hairline starts getting higher. Usually, the hairline tends to change in the teenage years when it has a bit round edges that get higher and become less defined.

Normally, at the age of 17, you will start seeing the mature hairline or between the age of 17 to 25. Also, the process and its speed varies from person to person. It can happen to anyone as it has no relation to genetic factors. Around 95% of men tend to develop mature hairlines.

Some of you may not realize the growth of mature hairline as it is a slow process and happens over time.

Receding Hairline:

It is known as the first sign of male pattern baldness and its type is androgenic alopecia, which is hair loss. It has been surveyed that it affects 70% of men and 30% of women.

You will see a pattern being followed in receding hairline in which the crown area starts becoming thin and you will see a horseshoe shape around the head. As the condition will start worsening, the pattern will start getting deep. As the hair follicles start shrinking due to hormonal changes, the male pattern baldness or receding hairline starts appearing. Due to this, the hair growth starts declining and also the hair falls faster because the person is going through the shedding phase.

Sign of Male-Pattern baldness?

If you want to know what indicates the beginning of male-pattern baldness, it is when the receding hairline begins and the mature hairline starts taking. 

When the hairline begins to recede quickly in the temple area, it leads to balding or makes the hair thin and you will see the receding hairline pattern is in a horseshoe shape. If you are at this point, you should make sure if you need to confirm if you are going through male-pattern baldness.

Some of the other signs include slower hair growth, irritated scalp, wispy hair, and hair shedding. If someone in your family has faced this condition at their young age, male-pattern baldness can get initiated.

How to Treat this Problem?

To deal with the problem, you need to look out for what is the exact cause of facing this problem. You can even consult a related doctor who will diagnose your problem and then will accordingly tell you what hair loss treatment you should opt for to solve the problem.

Your doctor may also recommend medications like minoxidil and finasteride. If you are in a situation where the problem is getting worse and has developed a pattern, the surgeon may even recommend you to opt for hair transplant. This is one of the foolproof methods to solve this problem permanently and this can help you in regrowth of your hair at the bald area.

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