Solid Reason to See A Gynecologist

As a woman, keeping your overall health at the maximum is one of your major concerns. But when it comes to seeing the gynecologist, there’s always that feeling of anxiety underlined by fear. How about I show you 6 solid reasons that will push right through the doors of a professional and friendly gynecologist like Dr. Richard Semenex? Whether for your overall health or for your reproductive organ-related issues like hormone disorder, STIs (sexually transmitted infections), obstetrics, or birth-related issues, these 6 reasons will help you overcome your fears and anxieties to visit a Gynecologist.

Painful Intercourse

About 18% to 28% of females experience painful sexual intercourse more than twice in a lifetime globally. While it is less given attention, painful sexual intercourse in females is one of the most common issues of the female genital. But you don’t want to wait to experience such excruciating pain before you visit a female health doctor. Right? Besides, other than denying you of orgasm and other life-enriching pleasures found in sex, both the frustrations the pains may be detrimental to your sexual life, making you less satisfying to your partner. This alone should motivate you to schedule a timely consultation with a gynecologist.

Learn To Get Birth Control

As a sexually active individual, you need to put the right measure in place if you’re not ready to bear the responsibilities of a pregnancy. And all that it takes is a one-time visitation to a professional gynecologist. He or she will first give you a complete and clear orientation about birth control, the advantages of it, and the side effects. Afterward, a set of birth control methods are presented for your choosing. In most cases, however, it is the specialist who decides what birth control method is best for you base on your health and personality.

Breast Examination

Examining your breast frequently is a great way to avoid breast-related illnesses or get a stitch-in-time treatment before things get worse with an illness you might ordinarily not be aware of. In the case of breast cancer, an expert can detect your chances of becoming a victim earlier to set you on the right path. Also, if you are above 40, you need a regular breast examination from a gynecologist at such stage of life where the immune system becomes less active to fight carcinogenic substances more effectively.

STD Checkup

While sexually transmitted diseases cannot be 100% avoided by a sexually active female, a regular STD checkup by your OBGYN will help greatly to overcome the possibilities of getting infected. Also, in the case of HIV or AIDS or any other chronic STD, knowing about your status on time can help you to live a better life even when living as an HIV victim.

Discuss Menstrual Issues

Menstrual problems can be devastating. But they are easier to notice. Whenever you notice anything strange in your menstrual cycle or any other menstrual issues, all you have to do is get in touch with your gynecologist. Also, if you notice a sign of pregnancy, your gynecologist will carry out a pregnancy test on you to confirm your pregnancy status.

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