3 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Sidestep Debt


Debt can be helpful in certain situations. But no matter how useful it is for purchasing homes or getting out of tight situations, nobody wants to be in debt. Mortgages, car financing, and personal loans tie up your paycheck, leaving you with less money to do what you really want. 

The less debt you have, the more money you have to spend on the things that matter. That’s why so many financial advisors recommend that you borrow a personal loan for short term solutions in emergencies. But what about their advice on reducing debt? Keep scrolling to find out.

Try Throwing a Snowball

What does snow have to do with debt? The snowball method is one of the most popular ways to pay off debt. It’s championed by several personal financial advisors, backed by science as an effective repayment style.

The snowball method requires you to pay all the minimum payments on every outstanding account. This ensures you never incur a late fee. Then, you order your debts according to balance size, from smallest to largest.

All your extra cash goes towards the smallest balance, as this will be the easiest and fastest to pay off. Once you close this account, move up your list, rolling the money you used on the first account into the second.

Eventually, you’ll close a few accounts, which means you can fold each minimum payment into your overall payments towards a bigger account. That uses the power of momentum, just like a snowball rolling downhill gathers speed and size — hence the name!

Follow This Rule When You Do Borrow

Eventually, there may come a time when you need to borrow again. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Car financing is there for a reason, just like online installment loans. These personal credit options help you afford a new vehicle when you’re in need of transportation and repair said car when it unexpectedly breaks down a week after you drive it off the lot.

Sometimes, a lender may offer you more than you need to achieve your financial goals. A leasing company may approve you for a luxury SUV when all you need is a modest hatchback. An online lender may extend a line of credit with a limit that’s thousands of dollars more than you need.

While it may be tempting to accept all of it, be shrewd here. Borrowing only what’s necessary can help limit your costs, which can help make your next personal loan easier to afford. 

Update Your Budget Monthly

A budget is one of the most helpful financial tools you can have on hand. It helps you spot bad spending habits you can cut to free up cash for the snowball method. A budget can also help you crunch the numbers to see if you can really afford an installment loan. 

To get accurate answers from this spending plan, it must be a realistic reflection of your spending today. You need to update your budget any time your income or expenses change, so you can tabulate the outcome. This is especially true when you knock out debt or add more to your plate. You need to make sure you list your outstanding personal loans. 

If you find it hard to keep up with this financial chore, automate your budget. Budgeting apps keep tabs on your spending in real time, instantly updating your account to reflect today’s cash flow. Some even send an alert when you come close to overspending your predetermined limits. 

And there you have it — three simple tips to help you manage how much debt you have.

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