Simplifying Bitcoin Trading with Bitcode Prime: Understanding the Basics of Bitcoin Trading

In a world where artificial intelligence has seeped its roots into most territories, trading in digital currency has not been left behind. Its ability to analyze a huge amount of data and then access the patterns to optimize and make an informed decision has made it one of the most popular software of the century.  is one such AI-powered trading tool that uses this technology to forecast price movements.

Let’s start with knowing the basics of Bitcoin, along with its advantages and disadvantages, and then move on to how Bitcode Prime is playing a significant role in simplifying the trading process.


Bitcoin (BTC), a cryptocurrency, acts as a form of payment where there is no need for third-party involvement in the transaction. It was first introduced in 2009 by a group of developers using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. 

News Update: In June 2021, El Salvador became the first country to officially adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Because of its decentralized nature, this means of transaction is faster and cheaper. Although, this makes it highly volatile. Its price fluctuates, as it depends on various factors such as supply, demand, investors, government regulations, and many more. 

Below, you can see at a glance the history of Bitcoin.


Bar graph

Let’s try to understand this by taking a simple example of a group of friends maintaining a record of all their transactions in a common notebook. Whenever one of them lends money to another friend, or they pay for a group expense, they simply write it down in the notebook. 

Now, each of them receives a copy of the notebook, and they all agree to abide by the guidelines to update it. Rather than one person accountable for sustaining the records, all are in charge. 

All in all, we can say that blockchain is like a framework that supports Bitcoin’s existence and operation in blockchain technology. It is a kind of system that records all the transactions made with Bitcoin securely. They are the virtual chain of blocks where data is stored inside each block and are immovable once it is added to the chain. 

The success of blockchain in Bitcoin trading has paved the way to use it in various industries beyond finance like healthcare, real estate, and more. Altogether, we can say that it demonstrates the epitome of technology and finance. 

Let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin trading.

Decentralization – It is not controlled by any central authority, such as any government institution. This gives users more control over their funds with no interference. 
Accessibility– You can access it from all corners of the world, one only needs a good internet connection. 
Speed of Transactions – Traditional one takes almost three to four hours in the United States, while wire transactions take 24 hours. However, with Bitcoin transactions, in a blink of an eye, your digital money is transferred from one country to another. 
Safe and Secure-Until and unless you don’t have a private key, no one can log into your account. If in case you lost the key, you can recover your funds with a few easy steps. Your currency and transaction history are secured by blockchain technology.
24/7 Market – Unlike other trading methods which have specific trading hours, here you can respond to the market and the latest news about Bitcoin immediately. 
Price Volatility – There are high fluctuations in the price over a short period. Even though this means that there is a high probability of profits but also a high level of risk.
Anonymity – Due to its anonymous nature, it becomes easy for hackers to extort money from the affected victims with no trace. It has become a site for drug dealing, the black market, and cyber hacking.
Lack Of Regulations – Bitcoin trading is still in its early stages and there is a need for strict guidelines to avoid market manipulation, fraud, and security risks. 
Limited Acceptance-Still, many countries have not accepted and recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate form of money. Their acceptance in the mainstream economy is still questionable. 
Inadequate Awareness – People are still lacking adequate knowledge and awareness regarding this field. This poses a high danger in making an informed decision.  

The last con that we discussed i.e. inadequate awareness is now under scrutiny and many solutions have come out to make it accessible to people. The advancement in technology has made it more comprehensible for people with different levels of knowledge. 

Bitcode Prime


Bitcode Prime, developed by a team of professional traders, is an AI-powered tool that uses high-frequency data to make an informed decision. This web-based platform can be used on laptops, smartphones, or tabs. This software processes information faster and more accurately than humans. 

All you need is time and dedication, and you can master the art of trading. This tool works by analyzing past and present data to identify trends and patterns. It then generates signals to assist you in when to buy or sell. Traders with different experience levels are all welcome here. 

You don’t need any prior knowledge to start trading. This platform will act as a professor and guide you throughout the process. It consists of more than seven cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Ripples, Dash, and more. 

Benefits Drawbacks
User-friendly InterfaceNo Registration or Hidden FeeSafe to UseFlexible Payment MethodsAdvances TechnologyNo Mobile AppA minimum deposit of USD 250 for live trading can be a hindrance to some people. 

The process of registration is very simple. All you need is to register yourself on the website and start learning. 


To stay ahead of the competition, you need a reliable trading system, and Bitcode Prime has emerged as a leading trading platform in 2020. You don’t have to worry about the risks that are involved in the process as it analyzes potential market threats that can impact your currency. 

This AI tool is built in a way that monitors the market, collects a vast amount of data from different sources, and then makes a decision that benefits you. This gives you ample time to concentrate on other work. Bitcoin trading has a very promising future and with tools like Bitcode Prime, you too can jump on this bandwagon and start trading in digital currency effectively.

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