Tips and Steps on How to Convert Word Files to PDF Files

Before we dive into our main objective, which is converting Word files to PDF files, let’s first discuss PDF’s background. Perhaps you’re wondering what does PDF stand for; PDF simply stands for Portable Document Format. The person who invented Portable Document Format is an American computer scientist, entrepreneur, and one of the begetters of Adobe System Inc. Dr. John Edward Warnock. 

PDF was launched in 1999, but it was first called a Camelot Project; one year later, after it was launched, they changed it into PDF. This project’s objective was to allow everyone to photograph files using different applications, share it anywhere without facing difficulties, and view and have it photocopied using any machine.

Since we’re done discussing its background, let’s now proceed to our main objective, which is converting a Word file to a PDF file. Many people before struggled to convert Word to PDF files; if you’re one of them, set aside your worries now, for we’ll be teaching you the steps and drop a few tips to effectively do your plan. If you’re ready, keep reading until you reach the end! 

What’s The Benefit of Converting Word Files to PDF Files?

Converting your Word documents to PDF documents has a lot of benefits; few of the advantages you could gain when converting your files are, your document will remain the same even after sharing it from various devices. Additionally, your files are protected by password, there’s nothing to worry about, Buddy. Lastly, it works ideally even on multiple operating systems, and it doesn’t consume your storage space. Amazing, isn’t it?

Find a Trustable Word to Pdf File Converter

With just one click of our hands, we can find anything we’ve been searching for a long time; but let’s be vigilant when it comes to finding suitable sites or tools since we’re also the person accountable to our choices. If you’re sighting a reliable tool on the Internet, you can try our PDF Bear Online tool. This tool won’t make you feel down, Buddy!

Why PDF Bear Tool?

Yes, we can find many converters on the Internet today, but what makes PDF Bear unique among other tools out there is its features! If you’re thinking about your privacy, our PDF Bear tool will automatically delete the files you’ve copied and pasted after an hour as proof that they’re thinking about your privacy. Aside from that, this tool does the work within just a couple of seconds!

Another reason to use PDF Bear is its Compression feature. PDF Bear can reduce the file size to either Strong Compression or Medium Compression depending on your choices; what an advantage to those who are having tough times managing their storage space! This wouldn’t be recommended by many people if it doesn’t work well, so trust this tool, Pal!

The Steps

If you’re anxious that the steps might be hard to follow, eliminate that feeling right now because it’s the contrary of what you’re thinking! For the first step, click the Select Files button at the center and then find the document you want to convert. 

After choosing a file, the PDF Bear tool will scan that document and convert it afterward. The conversion will not take long, so there’s nothing to squawk about. Once it is done, hit the Download button to save the file you’ve converted. 


Converting Word files to PDF files is such a hard task before, but since we’ve found a reliable tool, we can do our tasks with less hassle. If you’re having piles of paperwork that need conversion, just go to PDF Bear and let the tool do all the work! 

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