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There are a number of Online CRM softwares and providers, and many of them are very highly evolved in terms of the features that they offer and the way they are helping businesses reach their goals. When you have a small and growing business, especially, you would realize that you would have to make the best and most optimum use of your scarce resources in order to reach your business goals in terms of conversions, revenues and profits. 

Where does CRM fit into this picture? If you look at a well known CRM software provider like Insightly or any worthy alternative to Insightly, you would notice that there are a number of things that have evolved within the field of CRM to help you reach your goals in a far more efficient manner. With a CRM or customer relationship management software in place, you can achieve many things, as follows:

Information Handling

This would be one of the foremost things that you should check before you sign up for any kind of CRM software, be it Insightly or any alternative to Insightly. The CRM system must have a fool proof way of storing your data in the most customized way possible so that it caters to your exact business needs and the vision that you have in mind when you set your goals. When we talk about information, we have to realize that we are living in the information age where every piece of information about people and especially our prospects, is available at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.

The digital era has literally made it that easy – and at the same time, that difficult. Finding out where your ideal customer usually is and what kind of preferences they have would be easy – but the fact is also that you now have this information for multiples of people and it can get very difficult to store and use it at the right time. Plus, we also now have to store interactions with our customers so as to use the right information at the right place in order to service them. With CRM, this information is stored and called up at the relevant time and it is fully and properly matched with all the relevant functions. This is just as important as the actual recording of information. 

Team Collaboration

With the CRM software on your side, with a name like Insightly or any of the Insightly alternatives you can actually get better team collaboration. So, how does this work – many business owners often wonder. Well, for starters, the software or the framework is designed in a way that fits in the functions based on the core positions, designations and the functions carried out by the various team members on the team. When this kind of data and function alignment and organization happens, the productivity and efficiency of each and every team member will increase manifold. Plus, there will be less ambiguity and scope for chaos when it comes to the various functions of the team members. In effect, this will lead the elimination of issues like missing out on tasks and duplication of tasks as well.

The need for constant and confusing communication can also be eliminated with such a system in place. This way, the team will function with each other in a far better manner and the tasks will also be taken care of, in less time than usual. The automation factor would also help in cutting down the time spent on carrying out mundane activities so that the team members can actually focus on core skills and tasks that would directly contribute to conversions. 

Jump in Revenues

When you are running a business, you would start by setting some goals and sales targets in order to earn revenues. With the right Online CRM software like Insightly or the alternatives to Insightlyin place, you can actually earn higher revenues since the team members will be better aligned with these goals that would be a part of every corner of the CRM framework even as you put up a more professional front for your clients to see. This would make your brand standing that much stronger and much more authentic as well. 

While the above role of a good Online CRM software provider cannot be stressed enough, it is also important to choose the right CRM software or platform for your business. While Insightly is a well known option, it is also an expensive one that may not be the right fit for your small or medium sized business. Further, it does not offer the best support unlike many other platforms out there. So here is a look at the top 6 alternatives that can help you take care of your CRM needs. 

Top 6 Alternatives of Online CRM Software

  1. EngageBay: This is one of the best alternatives to Insightly thanks to the myriad features that reach out across various channels and the affordability factor as well as the strong support system that it offers to all its customers and businesses. 
  1. Nutshell CRM: This is also an upcoming CRM system that is adept at efficient email engagement and campaigns. 
  1. FreshSales: This CRM platform gives you a number of features for sales acceleration.
  1. PipeDrive: This is also a well known alternative to Insightlythat can help you organise all your data and functions in terms of email reach. 
  1. Prosper Works: This is an upcoming Insightly alternative that can help you with sales automation features for your customers and campaigns. 
  1. BPM Online CRM: This alternative to Insightly helps you organize your team in a way that they sales pipeline is well established for conversions. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be the best bang for your buck since it helps in organizing and calling up the right data across a number of channels, at an affordable cost even as it gives you all the crucial support that your business needs!

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