Triple Whale Leads $27.7 M in Extended Series-A

Triple Whale leads $27.7M in extended series-A. Elephant VC led the funding of $24M with a previous undisclosed seed round led by NFX and, at last, $1M raised by individual participant Shann Puri. 

Through the funding, the company is looking to ascend its company development team and incorporate additional components into its platform.

Specifications of Triple Whale

Triple Whale provides the complete data picture of all the tools used by the customers, from their preferred commerce platform to the marketing channel. One can unlock the key insights of their business growth with an attribution model with great pixel virtues that scans the business performance. 

Company NameTriple Whale
Company Legal NameTriple Whale Inc.
HeadquartersJerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
FoundersAJ Orbach, Ivan Chernykh, Maxx Blank
Founding DateJune 2021
Company TypeFor Profit 
Total Investors3
Total Investing Amount$27.7M
iOS AddressTriple Whale
Android AddressTriple Whale

After going through its specifications, let’s know the brands and authorities that have tasted their services.

Participants of Triple Whale Services

Given below is the list of some Triple Whale service users.

  • Adacted
  • Ben & Vic
  • Soar With Us
  • 3 Goats
  • Revity
  • Tealbox Digital Private Limited
  • Doubleu Media
  • Disruptive Digital
  • Ecommerce Growth Co.
  • Armscye
  • Porter Media
  • VisCap Media
  • Nethandelakademiet
  • Macedo Marketing
  • OXGMedia
  • K6 Agency
  • Parabolic Pages
  • Scaling

Why Choose Triple Whale Services?

There are several reasons one should choose Triple Whale Services, some of which have been given below.

  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
eCommerce operating system of Triple Whale

To unravel the real-time insights into your platform services, Triple Whales brings an explicitly simple and informative dashboard that presents you the authentic data by seamlessly connecting through the proper apps and networks.

One can always look at meaningful data from a customizable dashboard or mobile application. They bring an easy-to-use dashboard to meet the insights of customers’ meaningful data. 

Matt Fey, the marketing manager of Portland Leather, shares, “Having the dashboards all in one place is a phenomenal thing to see; an overarching view of the health of our advertising makes our life a lot easier.”

  • Pixel Attribution One Can Trust
Triple Whale pixel attribution

Triple Whale eCommerce operating system brings triple pixel for profitable growth of companies through better decisions and data discovery. 

  • Performance Insights

With creative reporting and analysis to scale your business, you can make the performance insight dashboard much more convenient. 

  • Creative Analysis Tool
Creative cockpit of the Triple Whale services

Creative cockpit with the creative analysis tool of the Triple Whale leverages the business to scale and unlock the best and worst performing Ads: One that is going to boom in views and the other which is going to drop, thus gathering the key analysis.

Enlightening Features of Triple Whale Services Leading to Extended $27.7M Series-A

Here are some features of Triple Whale services that have raised $27.7M in its extended series-A.

  • Creative Conversion Through Performance Insight

Triple Whales has optimized reporting and analysis through a creative dashboard that presents the best performance insight with the triple pixel. 

  • Insight to Uncover the Unknown

By uncovering the trends and other macro trends through Triple Whale, one can easily generate a report that supports the creative dashboard as it displays the right data for effective use. The reports can successfully help improve the business portfolios by unveiling key insights.

One of the users, Elijah Schneider, recalls the creative analysis tools and shares, “Oh My God! Creative Cockpit is one of the most amazing tools of all time. It’s allowed our creative team to be more creative; they don’t need the media buying team to brief things in detail anymore.”

  • Swift ECommerce Reporting
eCommerce Fin Hub dashboard of Triple Whale

Through the simple dashboard with all the effective tools, comprehend every detail from the total cash flow to the accrual P&L designed to help DTC brands grow smarter. The consolidated data from swift e-commerce brings real-time financial data to gain clarity. 

You can automatically draw the cash flow statements based on the live data, thus making the process easier with the FinHub integration system. It sums all your financial accounts and tools into one dashboard, thus making it convenient for the users to get a financial compass in the blink of an eye.

Price of Triple Whale Services

If you want to taste the demo version of Triple Whale services and want to be among the 5000+ Shopify brand services that trust it, you need to fill out the form with some required credentials: Book Demo.

To transfer your data into growth gallons, i.e., the dashboard, FinHub, attribution, and custom services, one can get started by paying for each of these services individually.  

  1. TW Dashboard  

Summarises your data into the best creative dashboard that summarises every detail with effective pixels.

Profit Tracking 
Full Expense Management
Real-Time Branded ROAS tracking
4 Ad Channel Integration
  1. TW Attribution

Provides apt information with informed decisions to increase the ROAS and growth chart of the Shopify brand services.

FeaturesPixel Attribution
Post-purchase survey
Affluencer Hub
Profit Tracking
Full Expense Management
Real-Time Blended ROAS tracking
4 Ad Channel Integrations
  1. TW Full Whale

In this service, you can leverage every product suite provided by the Triple Whale platform to enhance your company’s real growth through effective monitoring charts, attributes, and tracking.

FeaturesPixel Attribution
Post Purchase Survey
Affluencer Hub
Creative Cockpit
Profit Tracking
Full Expense Management
Real-Time Blended ROAS tracking
4 Ad channel integrations

Customer Services

Address:7th Floor, Jaffa St 224, Jerusalem, Israel
Instagram Address:Instagram
Twitter Address:Twitter
Linkedin Address:LinkedIn
Facebook Address:Facebook
YouTube Address:YouTube


Ans: Triple Whale has 3 investors, including elephant and NFX.

Ans: Triple Whale has raised $27.7M to date.

Ans: The last funding round of Triple Whale was held on 24th March 2022.

Ans: Some possible competitors of Triple Whale include 91APP, CrowdScores, and Scrapbook.

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