Turn Off YouTube Ads with YouTube Vanced

Whenever we watch videos on YouTube, we always encounter those interruptive ads before every video. Most of us have already noticed that YouTube is getting comfortable with unskippable two ads at a time, which is resulting in wasting a lot of time and forcefully watching those irritating ads. We all have thought about blocking those intrusive ads, but that’s been possible only when we are ready to pay for it. But what if I give you a solution to that without any extra paid service? Yes, I have come across an amazing and FREE solution called YouTube Vanced. So, let me share my experience with you all in this article.

What is YouTube Vanced?

I would say that YouTube Vanced is a lightweight version of the YouTube app. It is a small app in terms of size (Just 7MB). Still, you can find all the contents of the original YouTube app on it. But the big difference you’ll notice on the YouTube Vanced app is that you can get all those premium features that you always wanted in the YouTube app. When I say premium features, it means the features such as YouTube video ad blocking, background audio play, popup video play, video/audio download, etc. Let me explain to you all these features in detail.

YouTube Video Ad Blocking:

YouTube Vanced supports YouTube video ad blocking as it has a built-in adblocker. It is one of my favorite features of the app. Because now I can enjoy all the YouTube videos without being interrupted by any kind of ad.

Background Audio Play:

If you too like to listen to music on YouTube, then you’re going to love this feature. With this feature, I can enjoy my favorite songs in the background and save my internet data at the same time. Because I have noticed that when I enable this feature, the app only downloads the audio from the video.

Popup Video Play:

Most of the time it happens that while watching videos on YouTube we receive other app notifications such as WhatsApp messages or Instagram notifications. In that case, we generally pause the video on YouTube and move to the other app. But with YouTube Vanced, I can watch videos and use any other app simultaneously. It has a feature called ‘Popup’. When I activate the feature, the video starts playing on a small floating window which I can move anywhere as per my convenience.

 Video and Audio Download:

According to me, this is a godlike feature. Because using this feature, I’m able to download any video that I wish to download. YouTube Vanced has provided a ‘Download’ button below every video. I can download the videos in MP4 as well as MP3 format. I can also select the download quality of the videos as per my choice. This feature gives me a freedom to watch all my downloaded videos offline anytime & anywhere.

I love all these features a lot that I couldn’t resist writing this article. The app’s interface is so user-friendly that I didn’t find it difficult even when I was using it for the first time. All the features of the app work very smoothly and give an extraordinary experience while using it. I recommend the YouTube Vanced app to everyone without any doubt. You can get Vanced from its official website or you can download YouTube Vanced from uptodown store.  Give it a try for yourself and thank me later.

Tip: YouTube Vanced is an external source hence, give all the required permissions properly to install the app on your android smartphone.

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